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November 30, 2016

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  • Renée Bergland (pictured right), English, Renee Berglandpresented a paper titled “Dickinson’s Pleasure: Theorizing the Planetary Lyric” at the C-19 Societyof Nineteenth Century Americanists at Penn State University, Pa. March 19; “Putting the Alive In: Dickinson’s Materialism” at the American Literature Association in San Francisco, Calif., May 27; and “Emily Dickinson and Literary Relativit,” at the Emily Dickinson International Society in Paris, France, June 25. Bergland also wrote a literary criticism “A Damned Mob of Corinnes: Nathaniel Hawthorne and the Daughters of DeStaël” in the peer-reviewed Nathaniel Hawthorne Review, April 1.

  • Pamela Bromberg, English, wrote an article titled “From Scandal to Recovery: Lady Byronand Her Daughters” in the peer-reviewed journal Women’s Review of Books, July 1.

  • Tamara Cadet, Social Work, co-presented the following research findings at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Social Work and Research in Washington, D.C.:
    • “Cultural Factors and Breast Cancer Screening Among Older Hispanic Women,” Jan. 15.
    • “Psychosocial Risk Factors and Alzheimer’s Disease: Depression and Sleep Disturbance,” Jan. 15.
    • “Awareness of the Medicare Part D Low-Income Subsidy Among Older Non-Hispanic Blacks and Hispanics,” Jan. 15.
    • “Preemptive Protection?: the Relationship Between Fear and Level of Violence Perpetration Among High School Students,” Jan. 17.

Cadet also presented research findings titled “Awareness of the Medicare Part D Low-Income Subsidy Among Older Non-Hispanic Blacks and Hispanics” and “Home Modifications Among Community-Dwelling Older Adults: A Closer Look at Race and Ethnicity” at the Annual Meeting of the Aging in America Conference in Washington, D.C., March 21. Additionally, Cadet co-wrote the following articles published in peer-reviewed journals:

    • “Neuropsychiatric Symptoms and Apolipoprotein E: Associations with Eventual Alzheimer’s Disease Development,” Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics with Shanna Burke, Peter Maramaldi, Walter Kukull, July 1.
    • “Mental Health and Breast Cancer Screening Utilization Among Older Hispanic Women,” Journal of Women & Aging with Julie Berrett-Abebe & Kathleen Stewart, Aug. 1.
    • “Breast Care Screening for Underserved African American Women: A Community Based Participatory Approach,” Journal of Psycho-Oncology with Cindy Davis, Kathleen Darby, Matthew Moore, and Gwendolynn Brown, Aug. 11.

Cadet was also recognized as the 2016 National Institute of Aging Butler-Williams Scholar, July 25. Additionally, Cadet received a grant titled “Adaptation of a Mammography Decision Aid for Low Health Literate Women Aged 75 and Older” from the National Institute of Health/National Cancer Institute, Aug. 1.

  • Angela Chang, Management, presented a paper titled “Optimizing the Benefits of Competition Based Learning: The Example of the National Student Advertising Competition” at the Marketing Management Association Spring Conference in Chicago, Ill., March 15.

  • Jean Christoffersen, Nursing, published original research in the peer-reviewed Nursing Forum, July 15.

  • Margaret Costello, Nursing, wrote an article titled “Team Concepts. Fostering Collaboration: The Nurse-Medical Student Connection” in the peer-reviewed Nursing Management, Jan. 1.

  • Robert Coulam (pictured left), Management, Bob Couamco-wrote an article titled “Medicaid Expansions and Crowd-Out: Evidence From HIFA Premium Assistance Programs” peer-reviewed journal Health Services Research with Adam Atherly, Kathleen Call, and Bryan Dowd, Feb. 1. Coulam also co-wrote an article titled “PQRS Participation, Inappropriate Utilization of Health Care Services, and Medicare Expenditures” in the peer-reviewed journal Medical Care Research and Review, Feb. 1.
  • Linda Del Vecchio-Gilbert, Nursing, started a private practice in Rhode Island, January 4. It is the first practice in the country to focus on pediatric palliative care in a private practice by an advanced practice nurse. Linda also did a podium presentation titled “The Development and Validation of an Acuity Tool to Assess the Acuity of Children Receiving Home-Based/Community Palliative Care” at the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) 37th National Conference in Atlanta, Ga., March 1; and facilitated a workshop titled “Pediatric Symptom Management at the End-of-Life” at NAPNAP, March 16.

  • M. Rosalyn Diamond, Center for Excellence in Teaching, facilitated a discussion titled “Increasing Awareness of First-Generation Student Experiences Via Faculty Learning Communities” at the New England Faculty Development Consortium in Tufts University, May 24.

  • Lydia G. Fash, English, had book From Manuscript to Moveable Type: The Information Shift that Created Modern Learning in rare book exhibition at the Mugar Memorial Library in Boston University, Feb. 1. Fash also wrote an article titled “Experiential Education and Exceptional Books, or the Pedagogical Benefits of Using the Archives” in the peer-reviewed Impact: The Journal of the Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning, Feb. 1; and an article titled “The Armature of the Antebellum Novel: The Tale and the Sketch in American Literary History” in the peer-reviewed journal The New England Quarterly, June 1.

  • Greg Feldman, Psychology, co-wrote an article titled “Assessing Response Styles to Positive Affect: One or Two Dimensions of Positive Rumination in the Responses to Positive Affect Questionnaire?” in the peer-reviewed journal Personality and Individual Differences, Jan. 1.

  • Deborah Fraioli, Modern Languages and Literatures, presented a paper titled “a Rancorous Debate: Moore Versus Moncrieff on the Letters of Abelard and Heloise” at the 51st International Congress on Medieval Studies in Western Michigan University Kalamazoo, Mich., May 13.

  • David Gullette, English, recited poetry at the Out of the Box Festival in the Boston Commons Performance Stage, July 17. Gullette also recited poems by other poets and themself on the theme of fishing at the Boston Literary District in the Faneuil Hall Market Place Public Stage, Aug. 18.

  • Jennifer Herman (pictured right), Education, Jennifer Hermanfacilitated a workshop titled “Elements of Teaching: How to Prepare for a Post-Secondary Teaching Career” at the Harvard Medical School Office of Postdoctoral Fellows in Boston, February 29. Herman also facilitated a discussion during the ITEP Alumni Career Development Panel at the International National Training and Education Program, American University in Washington, D.C., March 20.

  • Yulong Li, Management, presented a paper titled “Inter-Organizational Knowledge Sharing for ERP Projects: Empirical Evidences From China” at the First World Congress and 2016 Asian Pacific Decision Sciences Institute Conference in Beijing, China, July 25.

  • Jyoti Puri, Sociology, wrote an article titled “Sexualizing Neoliberalism: Identifying Technologies of Privatization, Cleansing, and Scarcity” in the peer-reviewed Sexuality Research and Social Policy: Journal of NSRC, May 26.

  • Jennifer Putney, Social Work, presented a paper titled “Evaluating Change in Social Work Students’ Skills, Attitudes and Values Related to Interprofessional Collaboration Within Integrated Care Settings” at the Society for Social Work and Research Annual Conference in Washington, D.C., Jan. 31. Putney also co-wrote the following articles in peer-reviewed journals:
    • “Healthy Aging in Community for Older Lesbians,” LGBT Health with Judith B. Bradford, Bonnie L. Shepard, Samantha E. Sass, Sally Rudicel, Holly Ladd, and Sean Cahill, April 30.
    • “the Wisdom of Age: Perspectives on Aging and Growth Among Older Lesbian Adults,” Journal of Gerontological Social Work with Rebecca Leafmeeker and Nicholas Hebert, June 30.
    • “Sexual and Gender Minority Youth Suicide: Understanding Subgroups Difference to Inform Interventions,” LGBT Health with Kimberly H. Mcmanama O’Brien (Simmons Faculty), Nicholas Hebert, and Amy Falk, July 16.

Additionally, Putney received a grant titled “Housing Needs Assessment of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Older Adults” from the Simmons College President’s Fund for Faculty Excellence, June 30.

  • Elana Sandler, Social Work, facilitated a discussion titled “When Social Workers Publicly Self-Disclose: Ethical, Clinical, and Personal Considerations” at the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Conference: Leading Change | Transforming Lives in Washington, D.C., June 23.

  • Laura Saunders (pictured left), Library and Information Science, Laura Saunderswrote an article titled “Room for Improvement: Priorities in Academic Libraries’ Strategic Plans” in the peer-reviewed Journal of Library Administration, Jan. 1. Saunders also presented on a panel titled “Instruction for Inclusion: Addressing Race, Gender, & Sexual Identity in the LIS Curriculum” at the ALISE Annual Conference in Boston, Jan. 6. Additionally, Saunders facilitated a discussion titled “Reframing the Framework: Information Literacy Through a Social Justice Lens” at the NERCOMP in Providence, R.I., March 22. Saunders also co-wrote an article titled “Librarian Copyright Literacy: Self-Reported Copyright Knowledge Among Librarians in the United States” in the peer-reviewed Public Services Quarterly with Allison Estell, July 1.

  • Kristin Scott, Communications, wrote a book chapter in Digital Futures and the City of Today: New Technologies and Physical Spaces titled “Digital Urban Health & Security: NYC’s Got An App For That,” June 1.

  • Becky Thompson, Sociology, presented the following papers at colleges/universities:
    • “Social Justice and Self Care: Courage is Contagious” at the Boston College Social Work Colloquium Series, Boston College, Feb. 1.
    • “Our Bodies Matter” at the Embodied Learning Summit: Healing Trauma from our Roots: Mindfulness and Movement Work in Duke University, Durham, NC., Feb. 27.
    • “Radical Self Healing for Social Justice Advocates” at the Radical Self Healing for Social Justice Events Conference? at Harvard University Education, March 1.

Thompson also published a book titled Teaching with Tenderness: Toward an Embodied Practice (University of Illinois Press, New Versions Series), January 12.

  • Julie Vosit-Steller, Nursing, did a podium presentation titled “International Collaboration and Partnership: A Pilot Program Developing Roles of Advanced Practice Nurses in Israel” at the Sigma Theta Tau, International Research Conference in Cape Town, South Africa, July 20.

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