Faculty Accomplishments: September 2015

October 22, 2015

Keep up with our faculty’s latest accomplishments!

Our faculty are actively engaged in their fields. They publish intriguing research articles, exhibit original artwork, share their expertise at major conferences—and so much more!

  • Monica Colon-Aguirre, Library and Information Science, wrote an article titled “Knowledge Transferred Through Organizational Stories: A Typology,” published in the peer-reviewed journal Library Management, April 1. Colón-Aguirre also wrote the article titled “Organizational Storytelling Among Academic Reference Librarians,” which appeared in Libraries and the Academy, April 1.

  • Teresa Fung, Nutrition, wrote an article titled “Dietary Patterns and Risk of Hodgkin Lymphoma in a Population-Based Case-Control Study,” published in the peer-reviewed American Journal of Epidemiology, Jan. 9.

  • Dana Grossman Leeman, Social Work, facilitated an interactive workshop titled “Chalk Talk” and other activities for live session instruction during the 2U, Inc. Annual Symposium for Online Education, Feb. 16 to 18, in St. Augustine, Fla. Leeman also conducted an interactive presentation titled “Breaking the Fourth Wall: Creating Intimate Connections in Online Education” at SXSWEdu, March 13, in Austin, Texas.

  • James Matarazzo (pictured right), Library and Information Science, presented his article titled “Corporate Libraries: Bellwether of Change for the Library World at Large,” at the 12th Annual Conference James Matarazzoon University Libraries held at the National University in Mexico City, Mexico, Oct. 29, 2014. His article was published June 1 in the peer-reviewed journal Biblioteca Universitaria.

  • Zinnia Mukherjee, Economics, wrote two articles that appeared in peer-reviewed journals: “An Economic Approach to Understanding the Trade Induced Transfer of Bycatch from Unilateral Bycatch Reduction Policies” in Marine Policy, Jan. 1; and “Controlling Stochastic Externalities with Penalty Threats: The Case of Bycatch” in Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, March 31. Mukherjee also received the President's Fund for Faculty Excellence grant in the amount of $10,000, May 27, to conduct research in West Bengal, India, to identify the social, economic, and environmental factors that determine fishermen's labor supply behavior and prevent them from escaping the poverty trap.

  • Chaoqun Ni, Library and Information Science, co-wrote the article titled “On the Relationship Between Gender Disparities in Scholarly Communication and Country-Level Development Indicators,” which appeared in the peer-reviewed journal Science and Public Policy, March 17. Ni also co-wrote the article titled “The Academic Advantage: Gender Disparities in Patenting,” which appeared in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS One, May 1.

  • Kyong Eun Oh, Library and Information Science, co-wrote the article titled “Blocked: When the Information is Hidden by the Visualization,” which appeared in the peer-reviewed Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, March 21.

  • Laura Saunders, Library and Information Science, wrote two articles published in peer-reviewed journals: “Education for Instruction: A Review of LIS Instruction Syllabi” in The Reference Librarian, Jan. 1; and “Academic Libraries’ Strategic Plans: Top Trends and Under-Recognized Areas” in The Journal of Academic Librarianship, May 1. Saunders also took part in a panel presentation titled “Beyond the Rainbow Booklist: Rethinking Library OUTreach to LGBTQQ Youth” at the Massachusetts Library Association Annual Conference in Boston, May 4. She also wrote an article titled “Information has value: So who pays for it?” published in the blog Unbound, May 15.

  • Yvonne Sterling, Nursing, co-wrote an article titled “A qualitative study of case management of children with asthma,” published in the peer-reviewed journal Professional Case Management, Jan 1.

  • Linda Del Vecchio-Gilbert, Nursing, presented a discussion titled “Pediatric Symptom Management at the End-of-Life,” and research findings titled “The Development and Validation of an Acuity Tool to Assess the Acuity of Children Receiving Home-Based/Community Palliative Care,” at the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners 37th National Conference, March 16, in Atlanta.

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