Faculty Accomplishments: November 2015

November 24, 2015

Keep up with our faculty’s latest accomplishments!

Our faculty are actively engaged in their fields. They publish intriguing research articles, exhibit original artwork, share their expertise at major conferences—and so much more!

  • Naresh AgarwalNaresh Agarwal (pictured left), Library and Information Science, presented a poster titled “How Does Knowledge Management Affect Service Innovation in Academic Libraries?: A Survey Study,” at the Association for Information Science and Technology Annual Meeting in St. Louis, Nov. 9.
  • Judy Beal, Nursing and Health Sciences Dean, co-wrote an article titled “The Development of a Clinical Scholar in Baccalaureate Education,” in the peer-reviewed Journal of Professional Nursing, Oct. 1.
  • Peter Botticelli, Library and Information Science, wrote an article titled “Preserving Artworks Digitally: The Case of Andy Warhol’s Polaroid Photographs” in the peer-reviewed journal Preservation, Digital Technology & Culture, Nov. 2.
  • Maggie Bush, Library and Information Science Professor Emerita, attended a celebration in honor of the Boston Public Schools Library Program, Oct. 29.
  • Angela Chang, Management, co-wrote an article titled “Physical Activity and Food Consumption: The Moderating Role of Individual Dieting Tendency,” published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Health Psychology, May 31.
  • Sari Edelstein, Nutrition, co-wrote an article titled “Where Female Athletes Obtain Information and the Reliability of the Source,” published in the peer-reviewed journal Food and Nutrition Report, Sept. 1.
  • Deborah Fraioli, Modern Languages & Literatures, presented research findings titled “The Trustworthiness of the Letters of Abelard and Heloise: A Hard Look at the External Evidence,” at the 50th International Congress on Medieval Studies in Western Michigan University, Mich., May 17.
  • Ellen Grabiner, Communications, presented a paper titled “Words and Pictures: Film, Philosophy, and Talking About Art,” at the 29th Annual National Conference on Liberal Arts and the Education of Artists in the School of Visual Arts, New York City, Oct. 22.
  • Susan HassSusan Hass (pictured left), Management, co-wrote an article on a case titled “Fighting International Fraud with the FCPA,” published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Forensic and Investigative Accounting, Jan. 15. Hass also co-wrote a book chapter, published in the Handbook of Gendered Careers in Management: Getting In, Getting On, Getting Out on April 30, based on the Center for Gender in Organizations sponsored research “Risk Aversion Among Women: Reality of simply ‘Doing Gender’?” by Hass, Mary Shapiro, and other colleagues. Additionally, Hass presented a paper on a case, titled “Caterpillar in China,” at the American Accounting Association Annual Meeting in Chicago, Aug. 10.
  • James Huddleston, Nursing and Health Sciences, co-wrote an article titled “The Use of Motivational Interviewing in Physical Therapy Education and Practice: Empowering Patients Through Effective Self-Management,” published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Physical Therapy Education, April 1.
  • Jane Hughes, Management, presented research findings titled “Developing a Vibrant Social Impact Bond Market in Latin America,” at the annual Latin American Impact Investment Forum in Mérida, Mexico, Feb. 22. Hughes also facilitated a discussion titled “Scaling up Impact Investments with Social Impact Bonds,” at the Triple Bottom Line Investing Latin America conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 26.
  • Alister Inglis, Modern Languages, published a book titled The Record of a Drunken Man's Talk, June 17.
  • Valerie LeiterValerie Leiter (pictured right), Sociology, co-wrote an article titled “Enmeshed in Controversy: Claims About the Risks of Vaginal Mesh Devices,” published in the peer-reviewed journal Health, Risk & Society, Feb. 1. She also presented research findings, titled “Regulatory Scripting and Vaginal Mesh,” at the American Sociological Association conference in Chicago, Aug. 22. Additionally, Leiter wrote a book chapter, titled “A Bricolage of Urban Sidewalks: Observing Locations of Inequality,” published in Disability and Qualitative Inquiry: Methods for Rethinking an Ableist World, Oct. 1.
  • James Matarazzo, Library and Information Science, co-wrote an article titled “Corporate Libraries: Bell Bellwether of Change for the Library World at Large,” published in the peer-reviewed journal Revista Biblioteca Univesitaria, June 15. He also presented research findings titled “Corporate Libraries: Harbinger of Change for All Libraries,” at the 14th Annual Conference of the Association of Caribbean Higher Education Administrators in Trinidad, July 10. Additionally, Matarazzo co-presented a webinar with Toby Pearlstein, Library and Information Science, titled “The New Management Realities for Special Libraries,” Oct. 14. The webinar was sponsored by Siri/Dynex.
  • Cathryn Mercier, Library and Information Science, co-moderated a panel discussion on middle grade fiction at the Boston Book Festival, Oct. 24.
  • Kyong Eun Oh, Library and Information Science, facilitated a discussion with Naresh Agarwal titled “Information Seeking and Beyond: Impacts of Studying Different Forms of Information Behavior,” at the Association for Information Science and Technology Annual Meeting in St. Louis, Nov. 8.
  • Amy Pattee, Library and Information Science, moderated a panel discussion on masculinity in young adult literature, featuring authors Andrew Smith, Matt de la Pena, Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely, at the Boston Book Festival, Oct. 24.
  • Suzanne Sankar, Social Work, sat on a panel for a peer-reviewed presentation titled “Behavioral Health Workforce Training in an MSW Program: Challenges in Year 1,” at the Council on Social Work Education Annual Program Meeting in Denver, Oct. 17.

  • Anna Staniszewski, Children's Literature, published the following books:
  • Julie Steller, Nursing, moderated a panel discussion titled “In Memory of Grace: The Spiritual and Religious Tale of a Patient, Her Sister, a Mentor and Her Student, Medicine and Religion,” at the Annual Medicine and Religion Conference in Cambridge, May 9.  The conference was sponsored by University of Chicago. Steller was also chosen to lead a team to develop a process plan to improve palliative care consults at Brigham and Women's Faulkner Hospital, Sept. 30. Additionally, Steller participated in the Grand Rounds Presentation titled “Withdrawing or Withholding Care; Ethics Consultation,” at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Nov. 4.
  • Spela TrefaltŠpela Trefalt (pictured left), Management, co-wrote an article titled “How National Context Moderates the Effect of Family-Supportive Supervisory Behavior on Job Performance and Turnover Intentions,” published in the peer-reviewed Journal of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management, July 6. Trefalt also co-wrote a book chapter titled “The Journey from Data to Qualitative Inductive Paper: Who Helps and How?” published in the Handbook of Qualitative Organizational Research: Innovative Pathways and Methods, Nov. 28.
  • Patricia White, Nursing and Health Sciences, co-wrote a book chapter published in The Scholarship of Practice in Advanced Practice, Feb. 1. White also co-presented a quality improvement project at the American Association of Nurse Practitioners National Conference in New Orleans, June 11.

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