Faculty Accomplishments: April 2015

May 08, 2015

Keep up with our faculty's latest achievements!

Our faculty are actively engaged in their fields. They publish intriguing research articles, exhibit original artwork, share their expertise at major conferences—and so much more! See this month’s highlights:

  • Maria Abate, Biology, presented a paper titled “Facilitating Multi-Factorial Experiments on Potential Recruits to Marine Biofouling Communities” at the 2015 Northeast Natural History Conference in Worcester, April 19.

  • Carole Biewener, Economics and Women & Gender Studies, wrote an article titled “Radical Politics and the Proliferation of Difference in Economics” published April 15 in the peer-reviewed journal Rethinking Marxism.

  • Margaret Menzin, Mathematics & Computer Science, did a CET presentation on April 13. She also did a panel presentation titled “Making Interdisciplinary Courses and Projects Work” at the Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges Northeastern Conference, College of the Holy Cross, April 17.

  • Jyoti Puri, Sociology, gave a talk titled “State vs. Sexuality: Decriminalizing and Recriminalizing Homosexuality in India” at the University of Chicago, April 2.

    the space between the heartbeats. the flicker between the frames - Bob White
  • Joseph Stanley, Office of International Programs, presented a paper titled “City Abroad: International Programs, Undergraduate Education, and Urban Studies” at the Transnationalism from Above and Below: The Dynamics of Place-making in the Global City Conference in Miami, April 9.  He also presented research findings titled “The History of Study Abroad: Past Insights and Modern Implications,” a paper which explores the rich history of study abroad in medieval and early modern Europe, at the BASAA 2015 Spring Conference April 21.

  • Becky Thompson, Sociology, spoke about her book Survivors on the Yoga Mat at the New Renaissance Bookshop in Portland, OR, April 8.

  • Bob White, Communications, received the Silver Award in Animation for his animation (photo right) titled “The Space Between The Heartbeats, The Flicker Between The Frames” at the 48th Annual Worldfest International Film Festival April 19.

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