Faculty Accomplishments - September 2014

October 17, 2014

At Simmons we take the time to acknowledge and appreciate our faculty and their achievements. Each month, this blog will update the community on all of their accomplishments and successes.

Erica Gunn, assistant professor of chemistry and physics, presented a talk “The Symmetry of Chemistry and Color” as part of the Lunchtime Lecture Series of the “Retina Riot” art exhibit in the Trustman Art Gallery on Sept. 17.

Melanie Kimball, associate professor in the School of Library and Information Science, did a presentation, “We do most earnestly believe in the power of books to affect the soul of a child": Children’s Librarians as a Moral Force, 1890-1920, at the Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing (SHARP) conference in Antwerp, Belgium on Sept. 18.

Becky Thompson, professor and chair of sociology, published a new book about the healing power of yoga for trauma survivors, "Survivors on the Yoga Mat," on Sept. 9. A Twitter contest accompanied the release of her new book with the hashtag #SurvivorsYogaMat where contestants tweeted for a chance to win an autographed bookplate.

Afaa Michael Weaver, professor of English, published the final book in his Plum Flower Trilogy, "City of Eternal Spring," on Sept. 17. Weaver won the Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award for the second book in the trilogy, "The Government of Nature."

Noah Wilson-Rich, professor of biology and overseer of the Simmons College honeybee hive, published an article on bee colony trends in The New York Times on Sept. 24 and was featured in The Boston Globe on his urban beekeeping business, Best Bees, on Sept. 27. Wilson-Rich also conducted a reading of his book "The Bee: A Natural History" at the Boston Public Library on Sept. 30.

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(PHOTO: Becky Thompson holding "Survivors on the Yoga Mat." PHOTO CREDIT: Crystal Thompson Rizzo '12GS )