Communications Department Magazine Wins Award

March 13, 2017


CommTracks Magazine wins its seventh consecutive Gold Medal from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association.

For the seventh consecutive year, the Communications Department’s annual senior magazine CommTracks won a Gold Medal in the Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s annual competition for student publications. The 2016 issue scored 978 out of 1,000 possible points, and it won “All Columbian” honors in all three major categories: overall, content, and design. All Columbian honors are awarded when a publication achieves 95 percent or more of the possible points in a section, and it is the highest honor that can be received. 

Of the publication, one judge wrote: "When typography is a visual and communications element, it becomes an integral part of every design. This describes the use of typography in this magazine...But it's the reporting, interviewing and storytelling that the reader remembers, no matter what facet of the theme topic is being presented. Your writers are outstanding and the editing refines the message. CommTracks is an outstanding publication and one which I really enjoy reading.”

The issue, edited and designed by senior students, focused on the theme of social media. It included tips for social media branding, an argument in support of the “selfie,” and a discussion of the power of social media to give voice to marginalized communities. 

2016 graduates Jillian Jennett (Editor In Chief, writer, copy editor, photographer), H Donnell (writer, social media), Leah Kossak (writer, advertising), Ana Saavedra (writer, designer), Celine Sanborn (writer, designer, videography/audio), Jessie Kuenzel (copy editor), Katie Sittig-Boyd (copy editor), Savannah Young (art director), Rachel Corning (designer), Clare Pak (designer), and Simone Coleman (videography/audio) worked on the publication. Professors Andy Porter and Judy Richland served as editorial and design advisors.