Simmons Co-Sponsors the 2013 ICSD Conference in Kampala, Uganda

September 13, 2013

ICSD Conference

The International Consortium for Social Development (ICSD) held its 18th Biennial Conference in Kampala, Uganda this summer. The conference, co-hosted by Simmons College and Makerere University in Kampala, was attended by twelve Simmons students and five faculty members, including Assistant Professor Benjamin R. Cole from the College of Arts and Sciences and Professor Hugo Kamya of the School of Social Work, who co-chaired the conference.

"As Co-Chair of the conference, I was deeply moved and amazed at the amount of work that was put into the conference," said Kamya. "Working with so many people across the globe was both a challenge and an opportunity." The conference welcomed over 300 delegates from over 40 countries, and featured keynotes from government officials, non-profits, health workers and academics.

"The presentations underscored issues of social development affecting Uganda as a country, Africa as a region and the world," said Kamya. "[T]he objective of the conference to attend to local and global priorities, issues of health and mental health, human rights and the millennium development goals was well represented in the presentations."

In addition to over 200 presentations, the participants were also treated to cultural performances from various parts of Uganda, including the African Children's Choir, Ndere Troupe, and the Qwela Band. The complete program can be found here.

"One important reflection comes in the question of where do we go from here," said Kamya. "Our hope is that the deliberations of the conference live on. The role of the youth in social development could not be understated, as is the role of women and other marginalized voices."

"Finally... those in higher education still have some role to play in advancing social and economic development. How we do it responsibly and accountably may be the challenge and opportunity that is before us."