Welcome New Simmons Faculty

September 07, 2018

Faculty members Anthony Scotina, Margaret Menzin, Amber Stubbs

The Division of Mathematical and Computer Sciences welcomes two new assistant professors this fall!

Greetings to all of our new students and to our new faculty members in the Division of Mathematical and Computer Sciences: Assistant Professor Lauren Provost and Assistant Professor Anthony Scotina.

Computer science students may see Provost in her computer networks classes, while math students may see Scotina in "Introductory Statistics." We asked them a few questions about the work they plan to do at Simmons this fall and how they spend their free time. 

Lauren Provost

Assistant Professor Lauren Provost

What is your teaching area?

Computer science currently including networks, computer architecture, operating systems and cybersecurity topics.

Any research in progress?

My research seeks to identify, understand and prevent human factors that relate to technical, computer and information security vulnerabilities.

What are you doing when you aren't at Simmons?

I love being home with my rescue animals and my family. We have many rescue animals: horses, dogs, cats, ferrets and now chickens!

Favorite book or movie or TV show or album?

I'm still a major Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan fan!

Anthony Scotina

Assistant Professor Anthony Scotina

What is your teaching area? 

I'm teaching "MATH 118 Introductory Statistics" for the Fall '18 semester. My current pedagogical interests include introducing students to statistical computing with R. 

Any research in progress?

My research interests include causal inference, design and analysis of observational studies with applications to type 2 diabetes, statistics education and sports analytics. 

What are you doing when you're not at Simmons? 

When I'm not at Simmons, I'm mostly reading (huge Stephen King fan) or rooting for Boston sports teams.

Photos, from top: Assistant Professor Anthony Scotina, Professor Margaret Menzin, and Assistant Professor Amber Stubbs, photo courtesy of Alisa Libby.

Photo courtesy of Lauren Provost.

Photo courtesy of Anthony Scotina.