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Empowering Young Entrepreneurs with Christina Paris '19MBA

ON STARTING HER BUSINESS: I always knew that I wanted to start my own business, but I felt that I wasn't ready or that it was too risky. However, during my entrepreneurial journey, I was able to align myself with people that were able to provide me with guidance and motivation to start my business. I know so many young people that want to start a business, but they don’t know where to start and who to talk to about it. 

The mindset around entrepreneurship has to change, we need to encourage young people to look at it as a career. This is the reason why I created Be Coached for Entrepreneurs: to help young entrepreneurs get the resources necessary to start or expand their business.

Be Coached is an online platform that enables young entrepreneurs to find 24/7 guidance through coaching. We offer goal tracking and productivity tools to help entrepreneurs with time management. Our platform promotes entrepreneurship and gives access to networking opportunities. We're currently in the initial stage of product development.

ON HER POSITION: I love the different components that make up my position as a CEO/ Founder of Be Coached — I'm involved in the operational, marketing, financial, and creative side of the business. I enjoy getting to see my business ideas become reality.

ON EMPOWERING OTHERS: It feels rewarding to have a company that is directly impacting people and helping them achieve their goals. I'm happy that Be Coached can provide a community for entrepreneurs looking to support each others' business ventures.

Christina Paris and Nam Pham at Be Coached's networking event.

ON HOSTING NETWORKING EVENTS: This summer we held a networking event for young entrepreneurs at home.stead bakery and cafe in Dorchester, MA. Attendees connected with other entrepreneurs in their community and had an opportunity to expand their network. Nam Pham, the Assistant Secretary of Business and Development and International Trade, discussed the current state of business and the resources available to them in Massachusetts. Our goal was to introduce Be Coached’s mission and vision while connecting with potential customers.

ON JOINING THE SPARK BOSTON COUNCIL: SPARK Boston Council is made up of young leaders advising the mayor's administration on city policies and programs affecting Boston’s millennials. We also think of new programs and policies that could be implemented to further improve Boston. I was very excited to be selected as a council member, and I'm looking forward to serving my community.

ON ATTENDING SIMMONS: When I started the program, three years had passed since I graduated with my bachelor’s degree. I was unsure if I'd be able to handle the MBA program. However, my journey at Simmons has erased this doubt. The program has challenged me to get out my comfort zone. 

Simmons has given me the tools and knowledge to move to the next level in my career. I feel so much more confident in myself than I did before starting at Simmons.

Pictured above: Christina Paris '19MBA with Nam Pham at Be Coached's networking event.
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