Undecided? You need the new WCIDWTM

October 30, 2014

Hey, first-years and sophomores! Are you losing sleep at night over a big question looming over you: what are you going to major in?

What Can I Do With This Major?

Well, lose sleep no more. Instead let your fingers do the walking across your keyboard or screen and get familiar with an amazing career resource known as What Can I Do With This Major? (aka, WCIDWTM).

As part of the support we provide to Simmons undergraduate students, the CEC partners with selected content providers to offer career information that we feel is of value. These include CareerSpots videos, skills profiler Career Driver, and personality self-assessment TypeFocus, all accessible on our Career Tools page.

One of my favorites is What Can I Do With This Major? Coming to us from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, this rich and regularly updated web-based resource provides detailed information on 91 different academic concentrations and where they might lead in the world after college. It includes all Simmons majors such as Psychology, Graphic Design, Management, Women's Studies, and many more.

The majors are grouped into 11 broad categories such as Business, Health and Wellness, etc., and can be viewed that way, or they are accessible directly. Details for each major include broad "Areas" of work -- for instance, "Communications Studies" includes Business, Public Relations/Advertising, Media, Non-Profit, Goverment, Law, and Higher Education. Within each of these areas you can see potential types of employers and strategies to get there. This information is supplemented by numerous links to Professional Associations, Occupational Outlook Handbook information, and in many cases access to job boards with specific listings for the field in question.

And...We have just launched a brand new version of WCIDWTM. You can access it from multiple points throughout the CEC website but you can always find it in our Career Resources section on the Career Tools page.

Deciding on a major is not always an easy choice, so if after reviewing the information in WCIDWTM you feel you could benefit from a conversation with one of our career coaches, set up an appointment with a coach here.

Finally, a tip for you upperclassmen out there. WCIDWTM is also a great tool for those already in a major but considering next steps, whether an internship or FT job after graduation. It's a great research tool that lays out a broad range of options and gets your thinking going.

Good luck!