Roland Davis on Academic Advising

October 12, 2016

Roland Davis

Meet the new Executive Director of Undergraduate Advising and Student Success!

Where are you from? What made you make the move to work at Simmons?

I was born and raised in the Boston area — Boston is home for me and always will be. To have the opportunity to work at a place like Simmons, doing work that I love, and not having to relocate away from the city that I love was too good an opportunity to pass up. I could not be more thrilled to be here!

What's your favorite weekend activity in Boston?

I've been a season ticket holder at Gillette Stadium since it opened and enjoy going to the Patriots’ home games with my children, other family and friends. I'm a huge fan of Tom Brady and a firm believer that the rest of the world “hates us ‘cause they ain’t us!” Aside from this, my favorite weekend activities are seeing movies with my 14 and 11-year-old children, going to new restaurants, or spending quality time with friends.

What inspired you to work in Advising?

I love working with undergraduates! It is my calling. It is my passion. While I was an undergrad, I had the good fortune to be inspired by many of my professors. However, I did not receive the best academic advice and support from the school I attended, which led to some academic difficulty early in my college career. As a result of this, I became passionate about helping undergraduates succeed in all of their endeavors, not only their academic ones. Although I derive tremendous satisfaction from witnessing an unconfident student metamorphosing into a scholar, I also revel in the successes of students who are already self-directed and academically motivated — and enjoy helping them to grow and thrive in their undergraduate experience.

What kind of services does Advising provide?

The Advising Office works with all undergraduate students to address a variety of needs. For example, we:

  • Work with new students entering Simmons with their course registration
  • Help all students to understand the Simmons curriculum and what their specific requirements are
  • Advise students on making any changes to their courses, particularly during the Add/Drop period
  • Assist students with the selection of a major and mapping out their overall academic plan
  • Counsel and advocate for students who are experiencing difficulty in their classes

How can students benefit from Advising at Simmons?

College can be a tumultuous time for many students, and the rigorous academic program at Simmons can present even more challenges for some. Having people who are trained and knowledgeable about the vast array of academic issues students face can be invaluable to one’s success. Students who come to the Advising Office will always find helpful information, a sympathetic ear and support in dealing with challenges they face.

How can students set up an Advising session?

Students who would like to schedule an appointment to meet with someone from the Advising Office can call the office at 617-521-2474 or can stop by the front desk in The Main College Building, E108.

How should students prepare for a meeting with Advising?

Come in with a specific question or issue. If the student wishes to discuss course selection, major selection, or their overall program of study, it's helpful the Advising Staff for the student to come in with some ideas or thoughts on what they might like to do. However, we are always more than happy to have conversations with students who don’t have a clue and simply want to talk things out.

What would you tell a student considering meeting with Advising?

For anyone considering making an appointment to meet with any of us, I would tell them to “Come on in…we’re here to help!”