Transit Safety Tips

September 18, 2015

Boston Green Line train

We chatted with Public Safety about staying safe on public transit!

How can students track the MBTA?

The MBTA has apps to see up-to-date schedules and delays. You can also check their website for current service alerts.  

Where can students report problems with the MBTA?

See something? Say something. Transit Police has a reporting app. You should also put the number for the Transit Police in your phone: 617-222-1212. 

What are some other tips for the MBTA?

Keep your belongings with you at all times and always be aware of your surroundings. Learn more about MBTA safety.

What are the best practices when taking a taxi?

Before getting in a cab, students should always look for indications that the taxi is licensed. Licensed cabs must have a medallion on the rear trunk area of the vehicle. This will have a number on it and state that the vehicle is a licensed hackney carriage; a placard identifying the driver as licensed hackney carriage driver and bearing the driver’s name and photo must be displayed on the dashboard; in Boston, the words “Boston Lic. Taxi” will be on the rear fender of all licensed cabs. Additionally:

  • Always speak with the driver and tell them which route you want them to take to your destination
  • Take a photo/write down the cab company, number and driver info of your cab. You'll need this information if you file a complaint
  • Share cabs with friends whenever possible
  • Avoid splitting a cab with a stranger

What are the best practices when taking an Uber, Lyft or other livery services?

  • Always know what type of car and the license plate of who will be picking you up
  • Know and confirm who your driver is before entering the car
  • Share your ride with friends
  • Don't get dropped off at your house, but at a well lit and populated area close by

Tips adapted from the MBTA Transit Police.