International Women's Film Forum Comes to Campus

April 02, 2014

International Film Festival

Simmons is hosting the International Women's Film Forum on Saturday, April 5th!

We had the chance to catch up with Alison Berstein who helped organize and promote this exciting forum as part of the Communications course Studio 5. Alison is a junior at Simmons, double majoring in French and Communications on the journalism track.

Why is it important that Simmons is hosting this event?

Simmons is bringing together voices from women around the world and inviting the community to listen as these women share their stories. Our school hosts many renowned guests; Marjane Satrapi, author of "Persepolis," came to Simmons this past fall, and Gloria Steinem visited last year. Simmons does an incredible job giving the community opportunities to meet such guests, and the Simmons family has worked incredibly hard to prepare and coordinate this film forum.

Why should students attend?

This event will give students the opportunity to talk about global issues in a unique setting. I hope the film forum will enlighten students and remind them of the power of a single voice. These are stories of perseverance, of not being afraid to share a story that so desperately needs to be shared, despite the dangers and obstacles. These women and their experiences will open our eyes to this not-so-big world we share, and with open eyes comes open minds. And with that comes incredible power.

What skills have you learned from promoting this event for Studio 5?

Promoting this event has reminded me of the importance of teamwork. Each Studio 5 student brings a different skill to the table, whether it be graphic design, photography, web design, you name it. Putting together an event of this nature involves completing many, many small tasks that require a multitude of these skills, so it has been rewarding to watch all of these skills come together and give life to this film forum.

How has this experience prepared you for future career?

Working on this event has definitely helped me learn to present myself professionally. One of my assigned duties was to contact the filmmakers, film distributors, and other notables in this process, professional people who I otherwise wouldn't be in contact with, which has helped my communication skills. That's definitely a skill I'll use as a journalist.

Studying the lives and works of the filmmakers has given me a further appreciation for this world we live in, and how one story can impact so much. That's the heart of journalism: sharing someone's true voice. I am so thankful for having worked on this event and having met the brilliant and beautiful minds involved. It has made me a stronger journalist and a stronger person. It's a story of "it's not all about you," and it's pivotal that we understand this notion.