Black History at Simmons

August 28, 2018

The Impact of Black Students on Simmons University

1989 African American Alumnae AssociationFrom its founding in 1899, Simmons University has provided generations of women the means to obtain an independent livelihood. Just as Simmons, with its inclusive, socially conscious mission, has evolved with the passing of time to present academic offerings of relevance and currency, so too has the composition of its academic community changed, constantly striving to be an environment grounded in engagement, respect, and inclusion.

This exhibit presents an overview of the experience of the black students who attended Simmons University and the impact their presence had on the institution, most significantly, perhaps, through the promotion and provoking of conversation, reflection, and change.

There is no way to conflate the experience of all black students who attended Simmons. There was not, nor could there ever be, a universal black experience, even as common themes emerge. As such, this exhibit does not claim to tell the definitive story of the black student experience at Simmons. Instead, the exhibit aims to acknowledge the struggles and celebrate the victories of the University's black students. It intends to provide a truthful account of the challenges these students faced, to recognize the community they've built, and to acknowledge the powerful and essential roles that black students, individually and collectively, have played and continue to play in the development of the Simmons community.

Please take some time and explore the exhibit.