Alumni Share: Women I Admire

March 08, 2018

Cherie Abbanat

Our alumnae/i share women they admire.


"Betty Friedan is one idol. She ignited the Feminist Movement while raising three children. She reminds me that you don’t have to be sweet to be an effective leader."

Elaine Dimopoulos '08GS, Author of Material Girls.


​"My goodness, there are so many women I admire. Our CEO Edie Fraser taught me to dream bigger than most people dream and then be relentless in execution. I have never worked so hard or so proudly. She is an iconic entrepreneur and human being."

- Julie Kantor '91, Chief Partnership Officer of STEMconnector and Million Women Mentors​


"Libba Bray is probably the hardest working and most brilliant writer I know. I've seen her work during tremendous pressure and she never waivers in her commitment to her craft. She never limits or censors herself or makes compromises when it comes to the projects she takes on. But above all that, she is probably the kindest person I know, and she's taught me to always try to be my best self, in writing and in life."

Jo Knowles '92 '95LS, Author of Still a Work in Progress


"Not to be cliché, but Oprah is a woman I admire. She's a strong leader, great advocate and does so many wonderful things for others. She's not looking for recognition, she just does what's right."

- Amy Sevigny '99, Staff Nurse II at Boston Children's Hospital.


"My mother traveled to Haiti as a nurse in her twenties. She tended to the very sick children and mothers who came to see her at the hospital where she worked. I learned from her how to start and run a clinic, ask for donations of medicines and supplies and really take the time to listen to people and see beyond the poverty to the man, woman or child who needed a caring hand."

- Cherie Miot Abbanat '90, CEO of Haiti Projects, Inc.

Photo of Cherie Miot Abbanat