Alumni Share: Advice to STEM Students

November 01, 2017

Students in Simmons lab

Our alumnae/i share their expert tips on navigating the field of STEM.


"Use technology to change the world. Don't be intimidated. Tinker. Definitely do a really hands-on internship to hone your skills and get a few awesome mentors who have what you want.​ ​Understand gender bias and have a plan to navigate some tough waters. Pick your company based on admiration for the work AND the culture."

- Julie Kantor '91, Chief Partnership Officer of STEMConnector and Million Women Mentors


"Don't be afraid of the sciences! If you're interested in a STEM field, then do everything you can to learn about it. Find a summer job related to your interests, seek out the smart people in your field and do everything you can to learn from everyone you can find."

- Helen Jones '02, Environmental Geochemist


"Simmons is an incredible place for women to thrive in STEM. We are pushed to the greatest degree by professors who truly care about us. I wouldn't have the confidence that I have now in my science skills if I hadn’t attended Simmons. My incredible professors encouraged me every step of the way and advised me both personally and professionally."

- Casey Gilman '16,  Lab Manager and Research Assistant at Boston Children’s Hospital


"Keep moving forward despite what anyone tells you. No family member, peer, teacher or professor should ever stop you from doing what you love. College is such a strange time and an emotional rollercoaster of discovering who you really are and what your purpose is in life. Don’t be discouraged about not knowing what your final destination is and don’t be afraid to change paths."

- Caitlyn Normand '15, Bioanalytical Chemist