Management Online Students Share: What Makes Simmons Special

August 18, 2017

students working around a table in the college center

We asked students to share what they love about our online management programs!

Since launching last year, Simmons' online management programs have provided innovative learning experiences to students all over the country. 

Students in our online management programs are tightly bonded and find it easy to fit their education into their daily lives. One online student described how she and a group of classmates had bonded so closely that they decided to organize a holiday "Secret Santa" exchange. Another student said how grateful she is to have the flexibility of the Simmons program. On class days, she's able to close her office door, participate in the class, then reopen her door and get right back to work.

We asked students in the MBA@Simmons and HealthcareMBA@Simmons to share what made our programs special.


"There is such a unique atmosphere at Simmons, and I admire their dedication to helping women in particular to further their careers. "

- Lisa Hooper, Sr. Producer and Studio Manager, Martin Schoeller, LLC, MBA@Simmons Class of 2019


"Faculty and curriculum were key factors for me in choosing an MBA program. Simmons stood out in both areas."

- Manjola Ujkaj, Psychiatrist, MD, Ph.D, McLean Hospital, HealthCareMBA@Simmons Class of 2018


"With 60% of courses directly relating to health care, the HealthCareMBA@Simmons curriculum is a rarity in MBA programs."

-Yiu Wing WU, EMPI Data Analyst, Partners HealthCare, HealthCareMBA@Simmons Class of 2018