Simmtober Stories: Your Moment

October 01, 2016

Simmtober Stories: Your Moment

Every year students from across the globe hunt for the perfect college or university to continue their education. They look for an environment where they can grow into strong capable adults through courses that fit their needs. The undergraduate experience is a special moment in a student’s life, and Simmons College strives to create a unique experience for everyone.

Last  fall we launched the Simmons PLAN (Purpose Leadership ActioN) undergraduate curriculum. PLAN  enhances our traditional strengths and integrates them in creative new ways. Each student takes increasing ownership of her education and ultimately will graduate equipped with essential skills, her own brand of leadership, and confidence rooted in experiential learning.

The Simmons PLAN begins in a student’s first year.  The Boston Course allows students to become more familiar with the city and its rich culture through writing and critical analysis, while the Leadership Course challenges students to think about themselves as leaders and build relationships across the globe. The wide range of available subjects allows students to choose a topic that fits their interests – or maybe one that challenges them to try something new.

Professor Lena Zuckerwise teaches a Boston Course called “Class, Gender, and Ethnicity in Boston, Through Film,” which uses the setting of Boston and the medium of film to explore issues of identity and how these reflect the politics and culture of the city. “In my Boston course, I had artists, nursing students, future history majors and others, all talking together about Boston-based films and forming friendships with peers they would not likely encounter in the departments of their chosen majors,” says Prof. Zuckerwise.  

PLAN continues to support students throughout their college journey including through the three-year Simmons Course. The first year introduces students to the Simmons community and helps them navigate college.  In the second and third years, the Simmons Course helps students with academic and career planning, setting the stage for success as they complete their degrees.

Even outside the classroom, Simmons is providing opportunities to make each student’s undergraduate experience special.  The Friars Leaders Program, founded with a gift from Trustee Emerita Eileen Friars ‘72, has brought to campus world-renowned speakers including Anita Hill, Michael Patrick MacDonald, and Laura Ling.  This year, experts in activism, the arts, healthcare, and journalism will share their experiences and provide students with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to interact with leaders in their fields.

Simmons continually invests in new learning experiences, such as study abroad, internships, and student organizations, to ensure there are countless chances for students to take advantage of special opportunities and make their time at Simmons unforgettable.

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