Q&A with Jessica Eves ’08SM, ’09SW, ’09SWC

March 17, 2015

Jessica Eves

Graduate Alumnae/i Professional Day Speaker Discusses Role Models, Innovations in Social Work & Healthcare

Who is your professional role model? What has she/he taught you?

I'm not sure I have just one professional role model!  I maintain relationships with many women whose careers I admire – contemporaries and women with much more extensive work histories than I have. I would say that the women who are my role models are all similar in that they have found work that they feel truly passionate about, and are transparent both about what has made them successful and the areas in which they have been challenged and stumbled. I would also say that they all lead with conscience, and act in ways that grow and foster the talent that surrounds them.

What’s the best piece of career advice you've ever received?

To follow the opportunities that present themselves to me, even if they don't seem to precisely align with a pre-determined idea of what I think my career will look like. Following that advice has led me to engage in multiple job and educational opportunities that have paved the way for me to do work that I find meaningful and exciting.

You were a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts William C. Van Faasen sabbatical fellow in 2013. Can you tell us a bit about the work you did with Codman Square Health Center and Codman Academy?

For six months I worked with Codman Square Health Center and Codman Academy to facilitate their leadership team through the process of designing, documenting, and creating a blueprint for health and education partnerships, based on the unique Codman² Partnership, to be disseminated nationally and internationally. This was an incredible opportunity that allowed me to fully leverage my background in social work, healthcare, and business.

What are you most looking forward to at Graduate Alumnae/i Professional Day?

I love the idea of an Alumnae Day that brings together the three graduate programs and explores the idea of how we can partner across sectors to drive change. So I'm looking forward to hearing the keynote speakers and panels address that topic, as well as to reconnecting with other alumni and faculty, of course!