Where Are They Now? Avitree Tobarran '12

April 09, 2015

Avitree Tobarran

Avitree works as a Report Writer for Partners HealthCare!

What did you study at Simmons? What are you doing now?

I was the first health informatics major at Simmons. I'm currently a Report Writer for Partners HealthCare in Boston, MA.

What is a typical day like at your job?

What I love about my job is that each day is different. Once I'm in the office, I check my email and then view my calendar and prepare for meetings for the day. I work closely with the report requestors at various locations and review their report requests with them. After the specifications are finalized, I begin writing reports using SQL code. Once testing is completed, I send the requestor a sample and set up the scheduling of the reports.

What was the job application process like for you?

The process was exciting for me. My advisor, Professor Menzin, was able to connect me with some of her contacts and recommended places for me to apply. I submitted my resume to a few places and got called for interviews within a couple of weeks.

What's your favorite part of your job?

I'm always learning new skills and meeting new people. Report requests can come from various requestors; I'm always interacting with someone new and able to learn more about what the end users do, what their report requirements are and how they work with the data. In my role I'm exposed to new programs -- like learning SQL code and also understanding more about healthcare world.

How did you know the organization was a good fit for you?

I knew the organization was a good fit for me within the first month. I actually live an hour away and take the train into Boston every day. While for some, commuting can be exhausting (and some days it definitely is), I find myself waking up early every morning and being excited to go to work. I've learned that it's extremely important to love what you do because then it doesn't feel like “work."

What was your favorite class you took at Simmons? Why?

Health Informatics. I took this class as a Nursing major. However, after I took this class I fell in love with Health Informatics. I enjoyed going to class, working on class activities, special projects and had fun working on homework assignments. After this course, I realized that I was in the wrong field and wanted to change my major. Professor Menzin taught this class and after I changed my major she became my advisor.

What made you choose Simmons?

I didn't hear about Simmons until my senior year of high school when an advisor came to our school and spoke. I decided to apply and visit the college. During my visit, I felt very comfortable at the college, almost as if I were at home. I felt as though I belonged there. I really liked the fact that the professors knew their students -- and that the classes weren't too big.

How did Simmons help prepare you for your career?

Simmons prepared me through rigorous academic courses, internships and mentoring from faculty members.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I would still like to be in the Healthcare IT field, hopefully as a manager of a team. And of course, still learning newer skills and technology.

What advice would you give to the current Simmons undergraduate students?

Enjoy college life and travel as much as you can. Don't stress about the small things. Keep your focus on the bigger picture and network as much as you can.

What's your Simmons moment?

During the first semester of my senior year, I remember being so happy because I finally felt like I found my calling. I had the support of my peers and faculty members and I had made so many connections. It was a great feeling because I realized how my academic career helped me develop as a person.