Where Are They Now? Erica Moura '10

October 24, 2014

Erica Moura

Erica is the Multimedia Reporter at the Boston Herald. She's speaking at the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Conference on Saturday.

What did you study at Simmons?

I majored in communications and minored in political science.

What is a typical day like at your job?

"Typical" doesn't exist in my world, and I love it. I am a general assignment reporter who works on enterprise stories, produces short documentaries, hosts a radio show and manages interns. Basically, I am really good at juggling.

What was the job application process like for you?

Oddly enough, I didn't really have a job application process. I immediately went into a Masters program at Emerson College after graduating from Simmons, and landed an internship at the Boston Herald, then they offered me the job. It was simple.

What's your favorite part of your job?

I love that I'm constantly learning, constantly analyzing and, most importantly, continuously challenging myself to be better than I was yesterday.

How did you know the organization was a good fit for you?

The Boston Herald is really the only news organization in the Boston market that is doing true multimedia journalism. The video department is really focused on letting the story tell itself. So, I am not bound to always do a voice over, appear on camera or keep the packages really short. Plus, I get to write. I get to do everything I love. It seemed like the perfect fit for me.

What was your favorite class you took at Simmons? Why?

Reporting War with Jim Corcoran was the hardest class I've ever taken, and I loved it. Every time I passed in a paper, I shook with fear, but I became a better writer and a more critical thinker.

If you could come back and take one class at Simmons what would it be?

I would love to take something in the computer science department. A class that had to do with programming would be REALLY useful in my world.

What's your favorite part of post-college life?

I don't stress out as much.

How did Simmons help prepare you for your career?

Simmons teaches women to be confident and independent. As a reporter, I use those skills constantly.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I try not to think beyond tomorrow. There's too much pressure to have plans and have goals that we forget to enjoy life.

What advice would you give to the current Simmons undergraduate students?

Make as many friends as possible outside of your area of study. It was the best thing I ever did. Now I've got lots of sources all over the place.

What most excites you about the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Conference?

I love to feel connected. There were so many times in my early career (and even now) where people took (take) the time to give me advice, and it has made all the difference. My goal is to give the advice that helps a student succeed.

What will your talk focus on?

I'll be on the social media and women in the media panels, and I'll probably just talk a little bit about my experiences. I would like to spend the majority of the time answering questions. It's important to me to make sure the audience gets the most out of the talks.

Why should students attend this event?

Professionals who are willing to take the time to speak to students without being financially rewarded actually care -- and they are really good people to know and KEEP in your contact list.

Photo by Angela Rowlings.