Juliet Funt

Juliet FuntJuliet Funt is the founder and owner of WhiteSpace® at Work, a training and consulting firm that helps organizations, their leaders, and employees flip the norms of business to reclaim their creativity, productivity, and engagement. A nationally recognized expert in coping with the Age of Overload, she has developed a method for personal process improvement based on the concept of WhiteSpace—carving out time from overscheduled, multitasking work routines for the freeform, flexible thinking that is so vital to energized, focused, and successful performance. With her unique blend of charisma, humor, and tough love, she demonstrates to audiences how this practice can change the negative patterns and behaviors preventing organizations from achieving optimum results. Funt has brought her thought-provoking content and immediately applicable tools to a number of Fortune 100 corporations, as well as to companies in industries ranging from financial services to technology, from manufacturing to the military.

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