Patricia Florissi

Patricia FlorissiAs Vice President and Global Chief Technology Officer for EMC Sales, Patricia Florissi helps to define the company's mid and long-term technology strategy and serves as liaison with EMC's customers and partners. She is an expert on Big Data and how technology and the availability of scientific and social data are transforming the way we work and live. Before joining EMC, she was vice president of advanced solutions at Smarts, where she led the research, design, and release of several products that continue to drive millions of dollars in revenue. After EMC acquired Smarts in 2005, she was quickly promoted to CTO of the entire Ionix business unit, and then advanced to Americas CTO in 2010, to Americas and EMEA CTO in 2011, and to Global CTO in 2012. An EMC Distinguished Engineer, Florissi holds multiple patents and has written extensively for such publications as Computer Networks and IEEE Proceedings. 

Before joining EMC, Patricia was the Vice President of Advanced Solutions at Smarts in White Plains, New York. In that capacity, Patricia was responsible for researching emerging technologies and for defining the strategy that Smarts would take in bringing solutions to market to address the challenges introduced by these technological advances. Patricia led the research, design, and first release of over half a dozen products.  These have been driving millions of dollars in revenue and still remain in the market today.

Patricia is an EMC Distinguished Engineer and has published extensively in periodicals including Computer Networks and IEEE Proceedings.