Keynote Speakers

8:35 - 9:25
Opening Keynote: Changing the Culture of America's Favorite Sport
Dawn Hudson

One of the country's preeminent marketers, Dawn Hudson is a master of strategic brand development. She also has a long-time connection with the National Football League from her days as president and CEO of PepsiCo North America. Given the public discussion around domestic violence, she became the natural pick for a new chief marketing officer, charged with shoring up the embattled league's image not only among advertisers but also among its biggest growth market: women fans. Reporting from the front lines of this public relations challenge, Hudson describes how she is working to rebuild the brand and promote organizational change.

11:25 - 12:15
Morning Keynote: Envisioning is the First Step to Becoming
Christy Haubegger

Latina Magazine founder Christy Haubegger started out with an ambitious dream: to literally change the complexion of women on the newsstand. Until 1996, no national publication - and few major advertisers - focused on the growing market of second-generation Hispanic women navigating between two cultures and two languages. As she has evolved her own career from publisher to producer to creative agent, she continues to make it her life's work to change not just how others think of Latinas, but also how they think of themselves. With her signature can-do attitude, Haubegger relates some of the most important lessons she has learned from her failures as well as her successes, inspiring women of all backgrounds to dream big.

1:30 - 2:20
Afternoon Keynote: Redefining Success: The Third Metric that Benefits the Bottom Line
Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington makes a compelling case for a new definition of success - another measure beyond money and position that is based on the ability to renew ourselves and find joy in both our jobs and our personal lives. Recent scientific and anecdotal evidence confirms that practices that make us less stressed also make us more productive, and she provides clear examples how these activities benefit not only employees' families and their own health, but also a company's bottom line. Eloquent and engaging, Huffington shares how "leaning back" makes for wiser leaders and that true success is about living the life you want.

4:20 - 5:20
Closing Keynote: Conversation with a Queen
Aretha Franklin
Aretha FranklinModerator: Joyce Kulhawik

As Ray Charles commented with classic understatement, "There are singers, and then there is Aretha." For six decades Aretha Franklin has reigned as the Queen of Soul, a beacon of creative originality who has continued to push her own artistic boundaries while remaining a powerful voice for the oppressed. Although she has achieved one musical triumph after another throughout her long career, she has also had her share of personal and professional struggles - experiences that she has transformed into eloquent expression in song. As a fitting end to the day's inspiring program, this is a rare opportunity to share in an intimate conversation with an iconic musical genius.