Lenora Billings-Harris

Diversity Strategist

Headshot photo of Lenora Billings-Harris

Diversity strategist Lenora Billings-Harris partners with organizations to help them make diversity and inclusion a competitive advantage. An internationally renowned researcher and speaker, she has presented to audiences on five continents and has a client list that includes Prudential, West Point, Toyota, and The Ritz Carlton. Billings-Harris has been named one of 100 Global Thought Leaders on Diversity and Inclusion by the Society of Human Resource Management and among the 20 top influential diversity leaders in the US by Diversity Woman magazine. Billings-Harris is co-author of Trailblazers: How Top Business Leaders are Accelerating Results through Inclusion and Diversity, and author of The Diversity Advantage: A Guide to Making Diversity Work. In addition to her consulting and speaking engagements, she serves as adjunct faculty at the business schools of Averett University and the University of North Carolina-Greensboro. Before launching her business in 1986, Billings-Harris held key management positions at two Fortune 100 companies and managed executive development seminars at the University of Michigan's Graduate School of Business.