Sexual Misconduct Reporting

Student-on-Student Sexual Misconduct

Sexual misconduct violations are criminal actions defined by lack of consent. These acts can be perpetrated by someone known or unknown, including an acquaintance, spouse, partner, date, relative, friend, or stranger. It can be perpetrated by individuals of any gender, gender identify and expression, and sexual orientation.

Giving consent means freely communicating, through words or actions, your agreement to engage in sexual activity. Silence, a past sexual relationship, a current relationship, or the use of alcohol and/or other drugs by the perpetrator are not excuses for rape or sexual assault and do not imply consent.

Non-consensual sexual contact includes, but is not limited to, actual or attempted nonconsensual or forcible sexual touching, including fondling, kissing, groping, attempted sexual intercourse, digital penetration, and/or penetration with an object.

Non-consensual sexual intercourse (sexual assault) is characterized by penetration, which may be oral, vaginal, or anal, by either a body part or object. It may include an implicit or explicit threat and/or use of force. It can also include circumstances in which an individual is not capable of giving consent because she/he is intoxicated, unconscious, physically incapacitated, mentally impaired, or under the age of 16.

Confidential Resources:

Students that wish to keep the details of an incident of sexual misconduct strictly confidential may utilize the following resources:

Simmons Health Center  94 Pilgrim Road  617-521-1020 (ask to speak with a nurse)
Simmons Counseling Center Palace Road 305 617-521-2455
Simmons Health Education
Betsy's Friends/Sexual Assault Peer Educators
94 Pilgrim Road 617-521-1001

Limits on Confidentiality

While Simmons College remains committed to protecting the privacy of all individuals involved in a sexual misconduct or sexual assault incident, campus officials that receive notice, whether directly from the student or a third party, are obligated under federal law to initiate an administrative investigation. Immediate steps must be taken to eliminate the sexual misconduct, prevent its recurrence, and respond to the incident's effect on the community, which may include issuing timely campus warnings, coordinating support resources, and initiating educational efforts.

Reporting Sexual Misconduct:

Reporting sexual misconduct does NOT mean that the student has made a commitment to pursue criminal proceedings.

Public Safety is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week at 617-521-1111

During business hours, you may also contact the Deputy Student Life Title IX Coordinator:

Sarah Neill, Vice President for Student Affairs & Associate Provost C211-MCB, 617-521-2123,

300 The Fenway
Boston, MA 02115

The Deputy Title IX Coordinator will work closely with student affairs deans and directors of the schools in overseeing all investigations. Concerns should be reported to the following individuals:

College of Arts and Sciences  Raymond Ou   x2125
Graduate School of Library Sciences Em Claire Knowles x2798  
School of Nursing and Health Sciences Anne-Marie Barron  x2121  
School of Management Mary Dutkiewicz  x3813  
School of Social Work Suzanne Sankar x3946  


College Response to Complaint of Sexual Misconduct:

  1. The complainant will be assigned a resource coordinator, who will offer guidance on reporting options and available resources. 
  2.  Interim measures, such as rearranging class schedules, extracurricular activities, dinning, and housing options may be taken. 
  3.  No contact orders may be issued to the complainant and the respondent.

Non-Retaliation Policy

Simmons College is committed to responding to reports of sexual misconduct and encourages members of the community to report such incidents without fear of retaliation or intimidation. Threats, acts of retaliation, or any act of intimidation that discourages reporting or participating in the investigative and/or disciplinary process will result in immediate disciplinary action. Any individual who is threatened should immediately report the concerns to Campus Safety at 617-521-1111 or the Student Life Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Raymond Ou, at 617-521-2125, or e-mail .

Reporting Options

Option 1: Formal Criminal Complaint

Students have the option of filing a formal complaint through Simmons Public Safety. A Public Safety Officer will document the incident in an official report and arrange a meeting for you with a Rape Investigator from the Boston Police Department. In addition, the Deputy Title IX Coordinator or designee will be notified and follow up with the student as appropriate.

Option 2: Simmons College Disciplinary Process

Students have the option of initiating disciplinary proceedings by filing an official report with the Secretary of the Honor Board, Raymond Ou, 617-521-2125, A thorough investigation process will be conducted which may lead to a hearing with the Honor Board, consisting of representatives from faculty, staff, and students across the college.

The investigation is typically completed under 60 calendar days. If extenuating circumstances warrant additional time, the student affairs administrator must communicate to the complainant any changes to the expected timeline for concluding the investigation.

Option 3: Utilizing both options 1 and 2

Students may choose to utilize both options 1 and 2. A student has the option of pursuing both a criminal investigation and the college's disciplinary process simultaneously.

On-Campus Resources

The College has established a multidisciplinary committee, the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART), with representatives from Student Life, Residence Life, the College Health and Counseling Centers, Health Education, and Public Safety. These individuals have undergone training to prepare them to be identified specifically as resources within the community for students. The team has also developed a resource booklet for the Simmons community, develops educational programs, and sponsors training opportunities for staff and students to ensure maximum support for our students. For more information regarding these individuals you can speak with confidentially during business hours, or the work of the Sexual Assault Response Team, you may visit the following website:

Additional On-Campus Resources:

Public Safety   E-008

617-521-1112 (non-emergency)

617-521-1111 (emergency)

Student Life MCB, C-211    617-521-2124
Residence Life 94 Pilgrim Road    617-521-1096
Health Center 94 Pilgrim Road 617-521-1020 (ask to speak with a nurse)
Counseling Center Palace Road 305 617-521-2455
Health Education Betsy's Friends/Sexual Assault Peer Educators 94 Pilgrim Road 617-521-1001
After Hours/On-call residence staff
access through Public Safety
617-521-1111 (ask to speak with RD on call)


Off-Campus Resources

Center for Violence Prevention and Recovery, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center   617-667-8141
Boston Area Rape Crisis Center 617-492-RAPE
Boston Police Department,
Sexual Assault Division
911 or 617-343-4400
Fenway Community Health Center's
Violence Recovery Center
Casa Myrna Vasquez, Inc. 800-992-2600