Advising Services

Academic Advising

Academic advising for undergraduates is based on the philosophy that advising is an extension of teaching, that is, that academic advising enables students to build on their strengths, identify and improve their weaknesses, and maximize the use of College resources. The advising relationship, then, is a partnership whose aim is to support the student in her efforts to achieve her academic and professional goals.

Students are assigned academic advisors prior to the beginning of the semester in which they enter the College. Faculty members from all departments serve as first-year, Dix Scholar and transfer student advisors. In general, advising assignments are based on the student's expressed area of interest. Advisees discuss with their advisors over the summer to plan their courses of study. Once the semester has begun, students may meet with their advisors to change courses, to discuss academic concerns, and to enroll for the next semester when registration has begun. Advisors assist students in planning academic schedules, interpreting the goals and objectives of a Simmons education, and explaining the College's degree requirements.

Upper-class students work with advisors in their declared major(s). Advisors guide students through departmental requirements while helping them to focus their study. Although students are responsible for monitoring progress toward fulfilling the College's degree requirements, faculty advisors are knowledgeable about the requirements and are also prepared to discuss career and graduate school possibilities.

The program manager of academic advising coordinates the academic advising system for undergraduate students out of the Center for Academic Achievement. In this capacity the program manager serves as a student advocate and advises students of the academic policies and procedures of the institution. A student who wishes to change advisors should contact the program manager of academic advising.

Suzanne Ronkin Leone
Program Manager, Academic Advising
MCB Room E-108


The Chairperson of an Academic Department

Each academic department has a chairperson who is well acquainted with the faculty in his/her department, the course offerings in the department, the requirements for completion of the major, as well as the career opportunities in his/her field. For the new and/or undeclared student, it can be helpful to meet with chairpersons. They welcome the opportunity to meet with students to discuss study in their discipline. They can also be particularly helpful in pointing out ways that courses in their department may complement the student's study in another department.