There are a variety of job resources here at GSLIS:

Visit the New England Jobline to view a variety of jobs. Pre-professional jobs and volunteer opportunities can be found on this site, in addition to professional jobs in New England and beyond. It can be inspiring to look at the professional jobs to see what interests you now and plan ahead.

At GSLIS West, jobs pertinent to GSLIS West students are posted to the GSLIS West listserv. If you are a GSLIS West student please contact to be added to the listserv. Additionally job search tips for GSLIS West students can be found on the GSLIS West Students pages.

We strongly encourage you to get some library-related work experience while you are in the program—this is a great time to build up your resume before entering the profession. For more resources and information about careers and mentoring, visit Career Resources.

Other job resources can be found at the Career Education Center (SOM/Academic Building M107-112) and the LIS/Archives Careers Library Guide.