The primary means of communication among GSLIS at MHC students and faculty is through the web-based Simmons Moodlerooms, listservs, and through e-mail. Students are responsible for checking both Moodlerooms and their Simmons e-mail account frequently.

Every student enrolled in the GSLIS program is given an email account. Email addresses usually follow the format of Login names and passwords are sent to you before classes begin. This login information will be used for your email account and Moodlerooms. If you lose your username or password, please contact the Tech Lab at 617.521.2802 or email

All official GSLIS information will be sent out through your Simmons email account. You will be responsible for all information sent out through your account. Please check your Simmons account regularly or forward it to your personal email account. See E-mail Tips for directions for forwarding e-mail from the Simmons account to an account that is more convenient.

Administrative announcements and other information about the program are sent out to the gslisatmhc-l list. All current students and faculty are placed on this list. There is also a LISSA West list which is for students only. You can subscribe to the list here:

Bulletin boards

LISSA West maintains an online bulletin board for current announcements, postings for jobs, volunteer opportunities, and other items of interest to GSLIS West students. There is also a bulletin board in the GSLIS West office for print notices.

GSLIS website:

The GSLIS website is a good resource for listings of events, notices, deadlines, etc.