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At Simmons GSLIS, wikis don't just support classroom activities, they've been used by the faculty to develop a new mission statement, by student groups to share information about events and activities, and by administrative staff for inter-office collaboration. There are over 300 GSLIS wikis, many of which are used in support of individual classes or by specific administrative working groups.

Wikis are designed to facilitate collaborative editing of a website. Our wikis run on WikiMedia software (also used by Wikipedia). Any GSLIS community member can request a wiki.
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You can think of a blog as a website that's easy to update. You might use one to broadcast work you're doing on a research project, or as the main face of a student group.

The GSLIS Technology Group is making WordPress blogs available for use within the GSLIS community. WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms around. The version we are using is similar to the one that powers http://wordpress.com. Any GSLIS community member can request a blog.
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Examples of GSLIS Blogs

Student & Student Group Blogs
Student chapter of ASIS&T
LISSA West (Library & Information Science Student Association at GSLIS West)
Library Internship Journal

Faculty Blogs
Candy Schwartz
Amy Pattee

Simmons GSLIS Blogs
GSLIS Admissions office
Simmons GSLIS: Dispatches from the Field


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The Technology Reference Assistants and the Tech Group of the GSLIS Technology Lab tweet about libraries, tech, and life at Simmons.

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GSLIS Staff began Tweeting in January 2009 under the user profile twitter.com/simmonsgslis. With representatives from the GSLIS Admission, Continuing Education, Curriculum & Communications, and Technology offices, as well as the Simmons College Career Resource Library, tweeting regularly about what's going on on campus, locally, and in the LIS world, you never know what you'll find. To help you find us better, we've started using the following hashtags: #gslisadm, #gslisce, #gsliscomm, #gslistech, #gsliscrl. Here are some of the people tweeting under those tags (for full bios, please see our People pages; everyone noted below will be listed in the Staff Profiles area unless otherwise indicated):

Meet the @simmonsgslis Tweeters!

GSLIS Admission Office (#gslisadm)

  • Sarah Petrakos, Assistant Dean for Admission and Recruitment: Sarah joined Simmons GSLIS in January 2009 after working at three other colleges and universities in Graduate Admission. She earned her MBA in Marketing at Boston College and is an active member of the National Association of Graduate Admissions Professionals (NAGAP).

GSLIS Continuing Education (#gslisce)

  • Kris Liberman '87LS, Program Manager Continuing Education

GSLIS Curriculum & Communication (#gsliscomm)

  • Jennifer Doyle '98LS, Director of GSLIS Curriculum & Communication: Jen graduated from the GSLIS program in 1998. After stints at the EPA Region 1 Library, the Institute for Business and Home Safety, and the Insurance Library Association of Boston, she returned to GSLIS in 2001 where, as Director of Curriculum & Communications, she oversees the GSLIS course schedule, manages all GSLIS print and online publications, and serves as project coordinator of the GSLIS Reaccreditation Program Presentation. You can also find Jen at twitter.com/doylej.
  • Alisa Libby, Communications Assistant: As the GSLIS Communications Assistant, Alisa supports all aspects of the GSLIS publications and also serves as Co-Editor of the GSLIS InfoLink newsletter. She is also a young adult novelist whose second book, The King's Rose, is being released on March 19, 2009. Read more about the new book at www.alisalibby.com or follow Alisa's tweets at twitter.com/alisalibby.

GSLIS Technology Office (#gslistech)