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Meeting the needs of all children in the classroom

Simmons's strong foundation in special education theory, methods, and teaching experience and one-on-one attention helps teachers develop the skills, passion, and confidence to achieve meaningful careers.

Special Education

A leader in special education training since 1975, Simmons is a passionate advocate for including learners with special needs in general education classrooms and in community and work environments. In recent years, the significant trend toward educating learners with special needs in integrated settings has created a demand for highly qualified special education professionals who have a strong focus on content and knowledge. Consequently, Simmons graduates are in great demand.

Our programs in the department of Special Education provide a strong, practical foundation in general education content, special education theory and methodologies, and teaching experience.  Simmons is one of the first universities to offer graduate programs in all of the following critical areas of special education: moderate and severe disabilities, assistive special education technology, behavior analysis, language and literacy, and administration. These programs are designed to help meet a nationwide growing need for special education professionals who are trained in specific areas of expertise.