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Educating Strategic Communicators

The Master's Degree Program in Communications Management teaches students to use communication tools strategically, for measurable results.

Communications Management

How do managers communicate change within an organization? How do public relations professionals manage a crisis? How do marketing professionals leverage Facebook and Twitter effectively in campaigns? How do employees of different cultures communicate with each other at work, in the same office, or in locations around the world?

Unlike other graduate communications programs, the Master's Degree Program in Communications Management (MCM) answers these questions with a strategic, managerial approach. It achieves this through a combination of theory and practice.

In the classroom, MCM instructors bring expertise from a variety of fields ranging from marketing and public relations to not-for-profit management, finance, and technology.

Out of the classroom, students produce online communications plans for local clients, publicize local non-profits including The Women's Lunch Place and Fenway CDC, and observe cross-cultural approaches to marketing and advertising first hand, for instance in the textile industry in Rome, Italy.