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Less future-talk and more jokes, please.

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Oh hey there blog, it's been a while. Lately it's been hard to find a few minutes to write, and when I do, well, I don't think anyone wants to read what I pass for sentences at 9:30pm when I walk in the door after a 13 hour day of work and class, or 5:30am when I stare bleary-eyed at the teapot, willing it to produce something a liiiitle stronger than tea. But I promise, I will make up for it!

In this post, there is something for everyone! Looking for a little afternoon humor? Well try this one on:

Once upon a time there were two muffins in the microwave. Suddenly, one of the muffins says: "Man it's hot in here!!!!" The other muffin exclaims, "Look a talking muffin!!!!"

How about any prospective students looking for a little advice on how to get through this program? Got that too.

1) Wine.
2) A strong and unwavering passion to contribute to the body of knowledge in your field and the desire to work towards a more equitable, rigorous and creative system of education.
3) More wine.

Maybe you stumbled on this blog accidentally in a google search because you were thinking of buying a new mattress. I can help with that. Memory foam on top of latex. You're Welcome. In fact, add that to the list above.

But all clumsy attempts at humor aside, one of the reasons I haven't written in a while is because I am trying to take it one day at a time. Do you know how hard that is? I mean really taking it one. day at a time. But it's really a survival tactic. I'm not sure how other doctoral students feel, but this point in the program - finishing up classes, starting a dissertation proposal, designing a research project and applying to the institutional review board- is the pits. Don't get me wrong, it's terribly exciting, especially if the research is exactly what you want to do, which mine is, you have great professors supporting you, which I do, and there is a steady supply of ice cream in the freezer, and Just Dance II for wii, (they balance each other out), which I have. But it's incredibly difficult not to enter a spiral of anxiety when I think about the future - what if I can't get my proposal approved? What if my participants say no thanks?? And what if the budget for education keeps getting cut and all of this innovative research ends up collecting dust on a shelf somewhere while we have to teach our kids calculus with an abacus??

Since "future" girl is an anxiety-ridden mess, "one-day-at-a-time" girl seemed like a better option for me and for anyone within a 3-mile radius. Problem is, one-day-at-a-time girl writes (then scraps) whole blog posts about how cool InterLibrary Loan is (but you guys, I seriously got a book couriered to me from Fort Lauderdale!! On a bike!!! No, probably not, but in my head it was a bike).

So unfortunately my posts have gotten (and will continue to get) a little less "heed the call" and a little more "where does a comma go?". But everyone who's ever gone through a doctoral program has assured me this is pretty normal. Life just needs to dial it down a little bit while we bury ourselves in this work. In the end, it will be worth it.

So if you take anything away from this post, it should be that InterLibrary Loan is the coolest, and seriously, consider that mattress. You will not regret it.

Posted by Nastasia Lawton on November 29, 2011 12:14 PM

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