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Day to Day

I had a long rant planned out about No Child Left Behind's school accountability measurements, but the leaves are popping out, I don't have to wear a hat and gloves outside anymore, I'm two weeks away from completing my first year at Simmons, 67 days away from marrying the most awesome man in the world, and life is good. I'm not going to ruin it. Instead, I picked up the camera in honor of all of the little things.

Here are some things at school that make me happy.


Daffodils are finally up in the school's garden. On Friday, we'll have our annual Spring Garden Day, where the whole school will rake, plant, mulch, and then have a huge barbecue afterward. It's so great to have an opportunity to let loose and have fun with the students.


These stairs are a sweet tribute from students to the staff here. Sure they get a little dusty, but I can't look at them without feeling good about what we do.


Garden shed, complete with cartoon chickens.


This little dude cracks me up. It lives in Mr. Ruiter's Science classroom. It is a Mudskipper, a species of completely amphibious fish. (I googled it.)


Wish I had the wherewithal to take my camera off of aperture priority, but when a teenager decides to smile at you, you just got to go with it. Jack is an awesome kid, and doing great in school. I can't wait to watch him walk across the stage to get his diploma.


Logistic Regression. I've been spending so much time on this stuff, it regularly guest stars in my dreams. Still, as I look back to September and remember how positive I was that I would never be able to grasp any of the material, it feels pretty good.

Posted by Nastasia Lawton on April 26, 2011 12:24 PM

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