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Professional Licensure

Professional Licensure

Degree Options: Master of Science in Education (M.S.Ed.), Certificate
Credits: 32-credit M.S.Ed., 12-credit Certificate
Start Date: Any semester
Program Advisor: Helen Guttentag

Under current Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education regulations, after five years of teaching with an initial license, teachers must meet the requirements for professional licensure (the final level of teaching license). To help teachers meet these requirements, Simmons offers professional licensure preparation leading to a Master of Science in Education for teachers who do not yet hold a master's degree. The master's program consists of four approved courses in an appropriate content area and four approved courses in advanced pedagogy. For those who do hold master's degrees, the Simmons Certificate requires 12 credits of graduate level coursework, nine of which must be in the appropriate subject area.

Simmons helps each student meet his or her educational goals by providing the advising necessary to develop a successful, individualized program of study. Our supportive academic community offers small classes, faculty mentors, and weekend and evening classes designed to accommodate the schedules of working teachers.

Degree Options

Simmons's offers a 32-credit Master of Science in Education (M.S.Ed.), for teachers who do not hold a previous master's degree, and a 12-credit Certificate for teachers who already hold master's degrees.


Sample Advanced Pedagogy Coursework

GEDUC 417 English Language Learners in the General Education Classroom
GEDUC 423 Facing History and Ourselves
GEDUC 426 Integrating the Arts in the Elementary, Middle, and High School Curriculum
GEDUC 444 Research and Evaluation in Schools
GEDUC 462 Curriculum for the Early Childhood Classroom

Sample History and Political Science/Philosophy Content Coursework

HIST 402 Asia to the 18th Century
HIST 406 Rise of Modern China
HIST 413 Race and Ethnicity in U.S. History
HIST 449 U.S. Foreign Policy: 1945-1989
ECON 595 Feminism and Economic Differences

Sample English Content Coursework

CHL 401 Criticism of Literature for Children
CHL 414 Fantasy and Science Fiction
ENGL 507 Jane Austen and Virginia Woolf
ENGL 514 The Invented Self in Modern American Fiction
ENGL 522 The Postmodern Novel

Download the full lists of approved courses: