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Dear Prospective Student:

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) blends innovation and academic tradition to form the foundation for our pioneering graduate programs and for the relationships created at Simmons. Faculty, students, and alumni bring tremendous energy and experience to their work, and their enthusiastic commitment and collaboration make graduate life here a uniquely engaging experience.

Some programs are innovative by definition, while others provide a cutting-edge approach to traditional fields of study. For example, Gender/Cultural Studies examines how race, class, nationality, gender, and sexuality affect social identity, engaging students in a level of theoretical inquiry usually found only at the doctoral level. Our highly respected Behavior Analysis program provides intensive theoretical work with practical applications that lead to an international credential.

Both our General Education and Special Education programs are in the vanguard of the field. For instance, our teacher training programs offer the option of one-year internships, cited by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching as the most successful method of preparing classroom teachers. Simmons is also among the first in the nation to offer graduate programs in Assistive Special Education Technology and Language and Literacy — areas where expert training is greatly needed.

Simmons provides a graduate education that is both challenging and custom-made. A collaborative environment and enviable student/faculty ratio — combined with our faculty's impressive record of publications, professional experience, and research awards — guarantee personal attention and expert mentorship. I invite you to join our vibrant academic community.

Renee T. White, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

B.A., Brown University
M.A., Yale University
Ph.D., Yale University