The Expanding Role of Digital Communications for Healthcare Strategists and Planners

New England Society for Healthcare Strategy

Starts:  3/8/2019  7:30 AM
Ends: 3/8/2019 9:30 AM
Location: Kotzen Meeting Room, Lefavour Building, Simmons University

Great digital experiences are everywhere around us from personalized websites to AR mobile apps, “smart home” voice-controlled devices to addictive social media content in our news feeds. Sometimes 2019 feels more like 3019.

For healthcare organizations—traditionally last to use innovative technology for non-patient care needs—digital experiences are often developed in the marketing department. However, as digital tools are used to bridge marketing and clinical operations, being used to not only attract patients but also to retain them, health systems and hospitals will need to evolve how these solutions are identified, developed and launched.

If you’re a healthcare strategist or planner interested in weaving digital experiences into the operational fabric of your organization and would like to better understand evolving digital trends this NESHS morning session is for you.

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