Free Speech, Civil Discourse, and Libraries

Frederick Lane

A panel discussion moderated by 2018 Allen Smith Scholar Frederick Lane

Starts:  3/13/2018  6:00 PM
Ends: 3/13/2018 8:00 PM
Location: School of Management Building, Rooms 501/502, Fifth Floor

This event will look at issues of civil discourse and libraries, especially focusing on challenges to online discourse including cyber-bullying and trolling along with the related issues of misygony, racism, etc. The event will consist of a panel, followed by a response and presentation by our visiting scholar.

The panelists include Simmons faculty members Colin Rhinesmith and Saher Selod, as well as SLIS alums Gianna Gifford, now Chief of Adult Services at the Boston Public Library, and Kate van Sleet, Rights Manager at WGBH, as well as Anita Cellucci, a school librarian in Westborough.