Reception for "800 Million Heartbeats" by Colleen Kiely

Starts:  10/20/2016  5:00 PM
Ends: 10/20/2016 7:00 PM
Location: Trustman Art Gallery, 4th Floor, Main College Building

October 11-November 9

Reception: Thursday, October 20, 5-7 pm

Colleen Kiely is an inventive painter whose imagery – initially comfortably familiar, on further inspection is unsettled in meaning and narrative. Though her work is formally and materially challenging, Kiely’s forte lies in how she makes us feel. She nudges us towards something more – a realization of time’s passage – through joy, sorrow and comprehension of our own transience. In the western tradition, vanitas artworks depict ordinary objects that symbolically remind us that the nature of life is death. Kiely’s depictions of her deceased canine companion Beau, touch us with their bittersweet sensibility. The paint is expressively uncertain; no hard lines, her colors have a transparency. These paintings are not a frozen snapshot of a time or place but rather a continuum of experience for the painter, the subject, and finally our complicit acknowledgement as viewers.