The Importance of Familial Relationships in the Careers & Mentoring of Professional Indian Women

Stacy Blake-Beard

Is work-life balance an elusive goal? Is it the wrong framework for success? What about for working women in emerging economies?

Starts:  11/17/2015  5:00 PM
Ends: 11/17/2015 6:00 PM
Location: Simmons College School of Management, 5th Floor

Center for Gender in Organizations at Simmons School of Management Hosts:

  • Stacy Blake-Beard, PhD, Professor of Management, Simmons College School of Management
  • Estelle Archibold, SOM '16
  • Andrea Burton, SOM '06
  • Jessica Halem, SOM '16

Come hear the latest research from one of Simmons’ leading professors of management and renowned researchers on mentoring relationships in the context of gender and workforce diversity. Drawing on data gleaned from her Fulbright interviews of 90 professional Indian women, Professor Blake-Beard and three of her graduate students will be sharing the stories and lessons learned about the impact that relationships, particularly mentoring connections, had on their navigation of their familial and professional spheres.

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