The Global Outreach of Boston Hospitals

Center for Research in Health Policy and Management Health Care Forum

Starts:  11/4/2015  5:30 PM
Ends: 11/4/2015 7:30 PM
Location: School of Management, 5th Floor

As part of the ongoing series of Health Care Forums, the SOM Center for Research in Health Policy and Management has invited two key leaders from the Boston healthcare community to discuss "The Global Outreach of Boston Hospitals."

Few in the Boston health community are fully aware of the extraordinary global initiatives that Boston hospitals are undertaking. This forum will discuss what hospitals are beginning to do in other countries, why they’re doing it (including how local market conditions encourage these ventures), and what the effects are likely to be on Boston hospitals and their foreign hosts.

A dialogue between: 

Steven J. Thompson, MBA
Senior Vice President and Chief Business Development Officer at Brigham and Women’s Hospital 

David R. Bangsberg, MD
Director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Global Health