Simmons SLIS CE Webinar Sustainability

Forging Your Path as a Sustainability-Engaged Library Professional

Starts:  11/2/2015  5:34 PM
Ends: 11/19/2015

Forging Your Path as a Sustainability-Engaged Library Professional
A 60-minute Webinar with Madeleine Charney

Wednesday, November 18th 7pm-8pm

As keepers of democracy and information stewardship, library professionals are well suited as advocates for sustainability within their communities.With climate disruption becoming more urgent, we need to empower our users, facilitate dialog, and provide resources for a more resilient future.

  • Implications of ALA’s "Resolution on the Importance of Sustainable Libraries"
  • Opportunities to participate in SustainRT, a new ALA round table
  • Methods for connecting to sustainability-engaged library professionals
  • Ways to engage in your own library, from forming a green team to offering relevant services for your patrons

Through a live chat, we will share ideas and grapple with questions. Whether you’re a seasoned activist or just dipping your toe in the water, this webinar will help you forge a path that suits your comfort level for professional involvement.

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