Inseparable: Library Science and Connections across Disciplines

Panel with Paul Sturges and SLIS Faculty

Starts:  3/5/2015  6:00 PM
Ends: 3/5/2015 8:00 PM
Location: Kotzen Room, Lefavour Hall

Library science is a comparatively new discipline with its main origins in late nineteenth century USA. Professor Paul Sturges will argue that the quest to build up a self-sufficient body of theory and subject content has somewhat devalued the inseparable connections between disciplines. He will show how his use of ideas and content from agricultural science and comedy studies enriched his library science research. Reversing the direction of approach, he will use examples from British history to illustrate how what at first seem like events driven by the will of kings and politicians can be rethought as matters of information acquisition and access. His argument is that once we see information in one academic domain, we find it in many, many others to the advantage of all concerned.

Joining Professor Sturges on the panel will be Simmons professors Cathie Mercier (SLIS), John Lowe (SOM), Michael Berger (CAS, Chemistry), Rebecca Koeniger-Donohue (Nursing), Gary Bailey (SSW) and Catherine Paden (CAS, Political Science). Prof. Laura Saunders will moderate. 

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