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When Sallie Krawcheck started her keynote speech at our Leadership Conference, her opening question was "Who has read the book?" It really struck me that the conversation had reached a new level of national prominence when she didn't even name the book (Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In). Have you read it? Did it speak to you? And almost more importantly, have you discussed it with your male and female colleagues? You'll find a roundup of some of our favorite reviews and opinion pieces on Lean In here.

One of Ms. Krawcheck's main pieces of advice was to "network like crazy outside of your company." She pointed out that it makes you more valuable to your organization, and it also provides an important resource in case you do leave that organization. We at Simmons are also firm believers in the importance of networking, and doing it in a way that is natural and authentic you. That's why building a community is such an important part of our programs, including our upcoming Strategic Leadership for Women.

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Let me leave you with Ms. Krawchek's closing thoughts. She said, "I don't want any of you to work any harder. I don't want to work any harder. I can't work any harder! So if I had one wish for what comes out of our national conversation, it's that we would recognize and celebrate that success is not always a straight line. All of us should have the ability to define success for ourselves." Amen.

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Elisa van Dam
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