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Do You Have a Global Mindset?


We are all aware of the need to learn to manage across differences to work and lead effectively in our multi-cultural and cross-cultural environments. Research shows that successful global leaders are good at decoding what’s going on around them and choosing the right behavior under the right set of circumstances. Even if you don’t see an international assignment in your future, effective cross-cultural leadership will enhance your ability to influence and lead others as you move into positions of more responsibility and higher visibility.

What is Global Mindset?

Global Mindset is a set of attributes that help global leaders better influence individuals, groups and organizations unlike themselves.

It can be measured using the Global Mindset Inventory which assesses 9 attributes:

We’re very interested in learning how you see the importance of a global mindset for your current position and for your future development, as well as whether you think you have a strong global mindset. We would greatly appreciate it if you would answer a few questions on the subject; you can access our short survey here. I’ll report back on our findings in the next newsletter.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Global Mindset Inventory, please contact me at