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Undergraduate Conference

Third Annual Undergraduate Conference, sponsored by the CAS Dean's Office

Friday, May 4, 2007 from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Main Campus Building

Please join Simmons students, faculty, and friends on May 4 to recognize an array of work from Simmons College students.

In a series of presentation and poster sessions, students will present their work in the following disciplines: chemistry, sociology, nutrition, photography, biology, psychology, physics, management, history, philosophy, social justice, English, international relations, computer science, and communications.

Sessions of Student Posters
9:00 am to 10:30 am in the Paresky Center

  • Jessica Aiken, Kristen Grant, Lauren Salah, "Using Olfaction to Study Association " (Neuroscience and Behavior)
  • Katherine Centrella, Jennifer Roeklein-Canfield, D. Bruce Gray, Patrick Johnson "Untitled" (Chemistry)
  • Emily Roughan, Maegan McCarthy, Megan Waters, Megan Sullivan "Physical Activity May Enhance Cognitive Abilitites" (Psychology)
  • Supicha Kridaratikorn, Leonard J. Soltzberg, Richard Newman, "The Analysis of Historically
  • Significant Dyes via MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry" (Chemistry)
  • Caitlin Novero, "Untitled" (Psychology)
  • Jill Hrubes, Corie Bussell, Kristen Fessenden "The U.S.- Mexican Border & Immigration" (Women in Social Movements)
  • Ashleigh Bella, Lauren Hess, Kaitlin Maguire, Nicole Scheff, "The Effects of Scents on Stress-Related Behavior in the Open Field" (Psychology)
  • Molly Kerrigan, "The Effects of Music on Depression" (Psychology)
  • Meryl Roark, Ashley Simmons, Marlenny Ramdehal, Tiffany Legrand "Text Messaging Behaviors and Beliefs among Students and Faculty at Simmons College" (Social Psychology)
  • Beth Hart, "Structural Characteristics of Beta Amyloid Oligomers Necessary for Modulation of Synaptic Transmission" (Biology)
  • Grace McDonald, "Supporting College Access: What is Being Done By Simmons and the Community" (Organizing for Social Change)
  • Alma Bukhari, "Periodontal Disease: Importance of Oral Health and its Effects on Systemic Health" (Biology)
  • Jennifer Mushlin, Zainab Alsubai "Natural Language Transcript Retrieval Project" (Computer Science)
  • Ashely Keville, "Memory differences Between Males/Females" (Psychology)
  • Ariel Cohen, Lindsay Doughty, Mary Hamilton, Kim Phan, Jessica Roderick, "Measuring the Effects of Handling on Learning with a Novel Multiple-T Maze" (Neuroscience and Behavior)
  • Samantha Green, "Current-Induced Degradation of Electroluminescent Devices from Ionic Transition Metal Complexes." (Physics)
  • Kristina Harris, "Expression Analysis of Prominin-1, Characterization and Localization of a Novel Glycoprotein in Drosophila" (Biochemistry)
  • Jillian Beasley, "Environmental Enrichment For Laboratory Animals" (Biology)
  • Kersti Ribb, Rebecca Merhar, "Enriched Environments and Behavioral Measures of Anxiety, Activity and Exploration" (Psychology)
  • Angel Som, "Effects of Growth factors on Proliferation and Differentiation of SVZ Cells" (Biology)
  • Jennifer Boice, Lucienne Merrill, Juliana Barile, Katherine Centrella "Characterization of Unknown Impurities in Tris (2,2'-bipyridine) ruthenium (II) Complexes " (Chemistry)
  • Jennifer Boice, "Cups to Cleaners: Trash to Treasure" (Organic Chemistry)
  • Ahsley Keville, Elizabeth Alessi, Jaime Savoie, and Mary Winslow, "Sex Differences in Intentional Memory: The Role of Attraction" (Psychology)
  • Abigail DeMille, Jaime Hartly, Margaret Hoban, Hollie Palombo, Amanda Valerio, "The effect of dress on Perceptions of Gender, Sexual Orientation, and Personality." (Social Psychology)
  • Kristina Skarbinski, "Axial Patterning in DH Mice" (Biology)
  • Bonnie's Class, et al. "Management 224. Girls Gone Socially-Minded" (School of Management)
  • Nichole Iannone, Michele Jefferson, Cynthia Salsman, Caitlin Surprise, and Elizabeth Morency. "Diagnosing the Undecided: A Comparison of Major and Personality in Undergraduate Women" (Psychology 348)

Panel Session 1
11:00 am to 12:30 am

PANEL 1.A, Paresky Conference Center

  • Rachel Lyn Okun, "Untitled" (Aids, Science and Society)
  • Cara Feinzeig, "HIV and Infant Feeding Guidelines" (Aids, Science, and Society and Nur 390)
  • Adela Raz, "HIV/Aids in Afghanistan" (Aids, Science and Society)

PANEL 1.B, Room C101

  • Leanna Farnam, "Bloodstain Pattern Analysis" (Honors Seminar)
  • Marissa Rousselle, "Data Logging Experience in the Video Intervention/Prevention Assessment Cystic Fibrosis Transitions Study" (Independent Research)
  • Sahar Zelkha, "Dexamethasone Inhibits IL-1B Induced Corneal Neovascularization" (Biology)

PANEL 1.C, Room E305

  • Kristen Margeson, "How and Why State Governments Should Fund Embryonic Stem Cell Research" (Honors 390)
  • Elisabeth Wursten, "The Role of ROS in the Effects of Beta Amyloid peptides on Transmitter Release" (Biology)

Panel Session 2
1:00 pm to 2:30 pm

PANEL 2.A, Paresky Conference Center

  • Meghan Gunther, "The Cup is Half Full" (Independent Study)
  • Kathy Do, "Detecting Protein-Protein Associations of the High-Risk HPV-16 E7 Oncoprotein by "Cherry Picking"" (Biology)
  • Meagan George, "The Effects of Socioeconomic Trends On Consumer Behavior and Retailing" (Independent Study)

PANEL 2.B, Room C101

  • Elena Larson, "Private Enclosures of Being: Constructions of Home, Exile, and Identity in Nadine Gordimer's Fiction" (Honors 390)
  • Mira Claire Blumberg, "Authorship and Authenticity of Slave Narratives" (History)
  • Cherrie Huang, "Clonal Growth in Arctic Alaskan Salix spp." (Biology)

PANEL 2.C, Room E305

  • Crystal Perkins, "The Fashion of Female Sexuality in Fin-de-Siecle Paris" (History)
  • Christine Gutman, "Genre Bending: Narrative Subversion in Gustave Flaubert's Madame Bovary and George Sand's Indiana" (Independent Research)
  • "Brenna DeCotis, "Boston Immersion Alternative Spring Break" (Service Learning)"

Panel Session 3
3:00 pm to 4:30 pm

PANEL 3.A, Paresky Conference Center

  • Chelsea Graham, "Stress, coping, and type 2 diabetes in the Latino Community" (Honors 390)
  • "Danielle Christie, "Remediation of Shell Disease in American Lobsters" (Biology)"

This event is presented by the Office of the Dean, CAS.

Past Conferences


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