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Saturday's Bread

This weekend I volunteered at a soup kitchen in downtown Boston. It had been a busy and productive week at work complicated by all the weather related issues and on top of all that my daughter had her four wisdom teeth removed in the middle of Tuesday's snowstorm. I would have been happy to have some downtime, so on Friday night was not eager to have a full day on Saturday

My afternoon at Saturday's Bread with our Americorp Student Leader's in Service turned out to be sparkling and motivating. There were several things that were reconfirmed for me.

#1 Our Simmons students are incredible people. They are a terrific representation of the caring culture of the College and make us proud with their work in the community.

#2 You meet the nicest people volunteering. There were also students from Emmanuel, BU and MIT. An impressive group, they worked well together, shared tasks smoothly, and were fun to hang out with. The guests were friendly and eager to interact.

#3 Direct service is rewarding. It was great to step outside the office and be immersed in hands-on work.

#4 Strong leadership makes all the difference. Our volunteer coordinator, Tony, made sure everything went smoothly, that all the guests were comfortable and that all the volunteers (we had more volunteers than expected ) felt useful and valuable. At the end of the day, I was a bit tired but full of enthusiasm and happy.

Thanks to everyone who made the day so enjoyable and especially, K.D., Laura and Claire.


Posted by Carolyn Grimes on February 6, 2011 10:24 PM