How to Apply

There are two main types of programs at Simmons College:

  • Third-party providers are U.S. based, non-profit organizations and universities that coordinate applications, onsite orientations, and have their own in-country staff. When choosing to study abroad through a program provider, the student's main contact is the provider. Students or parents can contact the provider office at any point during the study abroad process. Please see Study Abroad Options for a recommended list of third-party providers.
  • Faculty-led travel courses are administered entirely by Simmons/COF faculty members and the Study Abroad Office. The Simmons/COF faculty leader runs the program and is on-site through the experience. Students will be studying with a group of Simmons/COF students. These are generally short-term programs that run during the summer, winter break, or spring break.

Application Process:

  • For all programs, including a Simmons faculty-led travel course:
  • If applying to a provider program, you must also apply directly to that study abroad program (via an online application).

Detailed Online Application Process for Permission to Leave Simmons (on

  • Fill out the online application at Once complete, click "Submit."
    • The Study Abroad Office reviews your application, gets clearance for you to study abroad from Dean of Students and Registrar's Office.
    • Study Abroad Office in conjunction with the faculty, reviews and ultimately approves your application.
  • If you intend to go, click "Commit."
  • If you don't intend to go, send an email to and we will withdraw your application.
  • A $430 study abroad fee will be included in your next semester bill. You can view and pay for this fee on Simmons AARC.
  • Submit materials listed in through your online application. Materials can include:
    • Passport, health insurance card, provider acceptance letter, petition to study abroad, and travel itinerary.
  • Sign documents listed in, which can include:
    • Liability Agreement and Release, alcohol behavior agreement, doctor notification, health statement confirmation, and insurance confirmation.
  • Complete remaining application questionnaires on, which can include:
    • Host school information, and health statement questionnaire.
  • Student Financial Services completes final financial clearance.

PLEASE NOTE: There may be other steps to follow and information to provide depending on your program. If you have questions please email the Simmons Study Abroad Office.