Finance & Scholarships

Tuition and fees for a semester or a full year abroad vary from what you pay at Simmons. Prices are influenced by local economies, type of program, location, duration, cost of living, excursions, and more. Compare your selected program to your current costs of living in Boston: tuition, fees, room, board and other personal costs.

If you are studying abroad for a semester or a full year, you will pay tuition and program fees directly to a program provider, not to Simmons. You will likely have to pay for your own airfare, some meals and personal expenses. Many programs have estimates of how much students typically spend per semester (or summer) on their websites.

In addition, each student studying abroad for academic credit will be charged a $470.00 administrative fee. This fee covers the many services provided to students from multiple offices on campus.

The Office of Study Abroad is here to answer questions and concerns while they are abroad, and provides re-entry and transfer credit assistance upon their return. Simmons values the study abroad experience and supports students as they prepare for their time abroad.

Financial Aid

Talking to your Financial Aid Officer in Student Financial Services (SFS) is a key element of the study abroad planning process. Your Officer will help you determine exactly what sources of aid you may use while abroad. To find out who your Financial Aid Officer is, please visit the SFS web page.

Generally, students may use any aid that is coming from the federal government, the state, or private lending institutions. Federal Financial Aid includes the Stafford Loan, Parent PLUS Loan, Pell Grant, SEOG Grant, and TEACH Grant. Please be aware that most Simmons institutional financial aid awards (i.e. merit scholarships and Simmons grants) are not applicable to study abroad programs.

Upon acceptance into a study abroad semester, summer, or academic year program, students will need to complete two forms in order to use their financial aid: the ​Consortium Agreement Form and the Enrollment Certification Form. Students should contact their Financial Aid Officer to request copies of these forms.

The Consortium Agreement Form should be completed prior to the student's departure. It will need the student signature as well as the (scanned) signature of an abroad program representative, confirming the student's dates of enrollment in the program as well as the estimated cost of the program. Once the form is completed, it must be submitted to Simmons SFS ( SFS will then update the student's budget and financial aid.

The Enrollment Certification Form should be completed upon arrival abroad, by an on-site member of the program staff. This form verifies attendance and the exact number of credits the student will be registered for. Once complete, the scanned copy should be sent to SFS ( This will enable Simmons to transfer the student's aid to the overseas program.

Any aid that is eligible for transfer will first be applied toward the Simmons study abroad fee. The remaining aid will then be sent to the program. The amount of the study abroad fee can be found here.

As Simmons' aid disbursal timeline may not coincide with the student's study abroad program billing deadlines, it is important for students to make arrangements in advance. This may include paying out of pocket or seeking an extension on the payment deadline. SFS can provide students with a statement outlining the amount of aid to be applied to the program costs upon request.

Please note the approximate dates for disbursement of funds from Simmons College are as follows:

  • Fall Semester- November 1st
  • Spring Semester- March 1st
  • Summer Semester - Varies (please contact for more information)


Both external and internal scholarships may be used for study abroad. There are a select number of Simmons scholarships designated for students planning to study overseas. Students have to apply to be considered for these study abroad scholarships. Deadlines for study abroad scholarship applications are March 15 and October 15.

Financial Aid and Study Abroad

One misconception of study abroad is "I can't possibly afford it". While the expenses of studying abroad are different than the expenses incurred in Boston, students are often surprised to find out that they can actually afford it. Below are some considerations to keep in mind regarding financial aid and study abroad. 

Talk to the Experts

All students are encouraged to meet with their financial aid officer to review their account and determine if additional financing is needed to cover their costs. Students should meet with their financial aid officer prior to choosing a program or making a deposit. The financial aid officer will be able to inform students of their options and guide them in the appropriate direction to get their finances in order.

Other Considerations

  • Housing & Meals: Housing (Accommodation) may be a separate bill, depending on the program. Be sure to check if housing costs or meals are included in all cost estimates.
  • Location & Length of Program: It's important to keep in mind where you are going and for how long. Living and traveling abroad may incur costs above what you pay in Boston. Prices are also subject to the exchange rate. 
  • Individual Travel & Excursions: Most students take advantage of the global opportunity to travel. Think realistically about what you'd like to see and do--add excursions to your budget so you can realistically plan your spending. 
  • Work Abroad-You will need to investigate the workplace regulations of the country in which you are studying to see if it is feasible to work. 
  • Exchange Rates: Currency Exchange Converter, OANDA or
External Scholarships

External scholarships are available for most students looking to study abroad. A selected list of scholarships can be found here. There may be additional scholarship opportunities possible through your program provider.

Featured Scholarships:

  • API Scholarships
    • for students studying on an API program - a variety of scholarships designed for first-generation college students, students studying science/technology/math, or minority students
  • Banks Family Scholarship
    • for students in business and entrepreneurship
  • BASAA Scholarship
    • an award for up to $5000.00 for U.S. citizens who plan to study abroad at least 4 weeks; applicants must attend a U.S. college located in New England
  • Boren Scholarships
    • for study of less commonly taught languages in world regions critical to U.S. interests that are underrepresented in study abroad
  • Bridging Scholarships for Study in Japan
    • Japanese language study is not required
  • Diversity Abroad Planning Scholarship
    • scholarship opportunities for nontraditional students including those that are ethnically diverse, economically disadvantaged, or first-generation
  • Freeman-ASIA
    • for U.S. citizens or permanent residents who demonstrate financial need and interest in studying abroad in East or Southeast Asia
  • Fulbright Commission Summer Institutes to the UK
    • for U.S. citizens with at least two years of undergraduate study left to complete
  • Gilman International Scholarships
    • open to students who are receiving Federal Pell grant awards
  • IFSA-Butler Scholar Program
    • for first-generation college students
  • Rainbow Scholarship
    • for a US citizen who identifies as LGBTQ and plans to study abroad for at least four weeks abroad
  • SIT Study Abroad
    • if you have a Pell Grant and study with a SIT program, they will match your Pell Grant
  • Tēnā kouto
    • Education New Zealand and New Zealand universities and institutes of technology and polytechnics offer travel and tuition awards
    • For women from around the world to help empower them to become top professional software engineers
Internal Scholarships

Applications are typically due October 15 for spring and summer programs and March 15 for fall programs. Fill out one application to apply for all of the following scholarships:

  • Bowker Grant Scholarship
    • Thanks to the generosity of Sheldon and Audrey Katz and The Sheldon and Audrey Katz Foundation, the Bowker Scholarship was established at Simmons in honor of Audrey's mother, Eleanor Wade Bowker Hittinger '22 and aunt, Edith Bowker Howe '30. The donor's intention is to provide funding for students participating in summer study abroad programs, in addition to fall and spring. Applications will be reviewed based on financial need and GPA.
  • Dolores Amidon D'Angelo '69, '72GS Honors Scholarship Fund
    • Thanks to the generosity of Dolores Amidon D'Angelo '69, '72GS this scholarship fund was established to provide travel stipends to students who are enrolled in Simmons College's honors program. Stipends will be awarded to students who apply for study abroad programs (short-term and/or longer-term experiences included) through Simmons' study abroad office. $5,000 is awarded each year, which is broken into $2,500 to each of 2 students.
  • Henry J. Halko and Jane Curtin Halko '45 Travel Abroad Scholarship
    • Thanks to the generosity of the family and friends of Henry J. Halko, Professor Emeritus of History, and Jane Curtin Halko '45, former director of admissions and Simmons College honorary degree recipient in 2000, the Henry J. Halko and Jane Curtin Halko '45 Scholarship has been established at Simmons. The fund was established to honor the Halkos' invaluable contributions to the College and their commitment to international and multicultural exploration. The purpose of this gift is to provide aid for undergraduate students to help defray the costs associated with study abroad. Selections will be based on financial need and academic merit.
  • Harriet Elam-Thomas Study Abroad Fund
    • Thanks to the generosity of the family and friends of the United States Ambassador to Senegal (Ret.), the Honorable Harriet Elam-Thomas '63, the Harriet Elam-Thomas Study Abroad Fund has been established at Simmons in honor of her lifetime of achievements. The grant is available to undergraduate Simmons students studying abroad who are majoring in international relations or political science. It is awarded based primarily on financial need.
  • Judy Samdperil Mann '83 Scholarship Fund
    • Thanks to the generosity of Judy Samdperil Mann'83, scholarships are available to both undergraduate Juniors or Seniors and MBA students participating in study abroad programs.
  • Tobin Family Scholarship
    • Thanks to the generosity of Janet Trafton Tobin '67 and her family, these scholarships are designed to support qualified students who plan to participate in a semester-long program in Spain or other Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Jane Bergwall Shattuck Scholarship
    • Thanks to the generosity of Jane Bergwall Shattuck '48, this scholarship is meant for students who desire enrichment through study abroad. A committee will review applications, making selections based on financial need and merit.
  • Phyllis Haberman '70 Scholarship for Study Abroad
    • This fund is established by Phyllis Haberman '70 to support student participation in study abroad. First preference is given to a student studying for a full year in an IES Abroad program. Students who are studying for a semester with IES Abroad or students studying for a full year abroad with any program will also be considered. The award is worth $10,000 for a full year or $5,000 for a semester experience. Students applying to a Simmons faculty-led travel course or summer study abroad are not eligible.
  • School of Social Work Scholarship
    • This fund is available for graduate students in the School of Social Work participating in study abroad. A committee will review applications, making selections based on financial need and merit.
  • CAS Dean's Study Abroad Initiatives Fund
    • This fund was established in October 2008 by Janet I. Tobin '67 to be used for study abroad initiatives including scholarships, language partner programming, and other priorities as identified by the Dean of the College of Art and Sciences.
Budgeting and Fundraising for Study Abroad

Many variables constantly affect exchange rates and the current/changing conditions of the world economy. Just as you will have to adapt to a different lifestyle abroad, you will also encounter financial differences compared to your life in Boston. Therefore, researching the economic conditions of your destination before going abroad will allow you to adequately prepare a budget. Some things to keep in mind are:

  • What expenses will be different from Boston?
  • What can I do to prepare for these budget changes?

This website gives you live prices for everyday consumer goods, transportation costs, entertainment, groceries, etc., taking into account the fluctuation of the world economy.

Ex: Consumer prices in Boston are 9.15% lower than in London, but Rio de Janeiro is 16.89% lower than in Boston.

Public Transportation 
(1 ticket)
Boston, U.S. $2.00 $12.00
London, England $4.57 $15.24
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil $1.49 $9.95
Chiang Mai, Thailand $0.70 $1.74

Use IFSA- Butler's Budget Calculator to manage your budget before and while abroad. has also created a study abroad guide which explains the different forms of financial aid and loans available to help fun your study abroad trip.

Fundraising and Crowdfunding tips for Study Abroad:
  • Get started as soon as you can!
  • Create a list of people in your network: friends, family, coworkers… anyone who can help spread the word.
  • Make the purpose clear: use this opportunity to raise awareness about something you are passionate about, and share what your goals are for studying abroad!
  • Make it personal: sending handwritten letters and thank you notes will encourage people to donate to your cause. Don’t forget to include stamped and addressed return envelopes.
  • You can also use online crowdfunding platforms to make it easy for your network to donate and spread the word.
Free online crowdfunding websites:
  • IndieGoGo: The largest global fundraising site.
  • Fund Anything: Funding platform for causes/creative projects.
  • GoFundMe: The world's #1 personal fundraising site.
  • CrowdCrux: A list of the top crowdfunding websites.