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Home School Tuition Model

The Center for Global Education (CGE) is excited to announce that effective Fall 2018 Simmons College will implement a Home School Tuition model for study abroad. This policy allows all Simmons grant and scholarship aid to be used for approved semester abroad programs and is reflective of the college’s commitment to accessibility and inclusion. Under this model, the financial process will largely mirror a semester on campus where participating students will continue to pay Simmons tuition, housing, as well as a study abroad fee. This policy simplifies the study abroad process and ensures that undergraduate students of all financial means and diverse backgrounds have an opportunity to pursue a transformative semester abroad while at Simmons.

This approach makes the study abroad experience more equitable to all students, regardless of their financial position. Financial aid is provided to a majority of students at Simmons College to ensure that ability to pay does not limit their educational opportunities. Because we see the study abroad experience as an integral part of the educational experience at Simmons, we believe that the same principle should apply to studying abroad. Simmons follows this model in the spirit of equity and basic fairness, making it possible for all students to pursue an education abroad opportunity.

Additional Fees

Several study abroad programs include services and excursions in their fees that would not typically be covered by Simmons tuition. In these instances, the fees are passed along to the student. Examples of additional fees may include but are not limited to: an application fee, a housing damage deposit, international insurance fees, optional excursion fees, visa fees, and international airfare. For more information on estimated additional fees for a specific study abroad program, please email

Study Abroad Deposit and Administrative Fee

Students accepted to participate in a Simmons semester study abroad program are assessed a $750 study abroad deposit to confirm their intent to study abroad in the following semester. This deposit contributes to the $1,250 Study Abroad Administrative Fee. Students participating on Fall semester abroad programs are required to submit the deposit, via AARC, by May 31; the deposit is refundable if the student elects to withdraw from the Fall semester abroad program before July 15.

Every student receives services covered by the Study Abroad Administrative Fee, such as advising on study abroad programs, advising on details related to the host institution and country, assistance with program application procedures, faculty review of courses, pre-departure resource tools, pre-departure orientation, use of office resources, transcript processing, re-entry events, and 24/7 emergency action protocol. The Study Abroad Fee also includes a comprehensive GEO Blue Travel Health Insurance policy for the duration of the semester, the details of which can be found here.

Tuition Exchange and Tuition Waiver Benefits

Tuition exchange and tuition waiver benefits do not apply to any semester in which a student studies abroad.

Financial Aid Forms

Upon acceptance into a study abroad semester, summer, or academic year program, students will need to complete two forms in order to use their financial aid: the ​Consortium Agreement Form and the Enrollment Certification Form. Students should contact their Financial Aid Officer to request copies of these forms.

The Consortium Agreement Form should be completed prior to the student's departure. It will need the student signature as well as the (scanned) signature of an abroad program representative, confirming the student's dates of enrollment. Once the form is completed, it must be submitted to Simmons SFS ( SFS will then update the student's budget and financial aid.

The Enrollment Certification Form should be completed upon arrival abroad, by an on-site member of the program staff. This form verifies attendance and the exact number of credits the student will be registered for. Once complete, the scanned copy should be sent to SFS ( This will enable Simmons to transfer the student's aid to the overseas program.


Both external and internal scholarships may be used for study abroad. There are a select number of Simmons scholarships designated for students planning to study overseas (see below). Students have to apply to be considered for these study abroad scholarships. Deadlines for study abroad scholarship applications are March 15 and October 15.

Financial Resources for Study Abroad Students

There are plenty of resources to help students plan for anticipated expenses associated with studying abroad.  Here are just a few to get you started:

We also recommend students contact Global Ambassadors for advice on budgeting.