Peer Internship Network (PIN)


Welcome to the Simmons Peer Internship Network!

The Peer Internship Network (aka, "PIN") is an exciting new career resource at Simmons College. It has been developed exclusively for undergraduates as a new way for students to connect with each other around internship opportunities.

The PIN system leverages the wealth of experience and networking contacts among Simmons students. Most importantly, it taps into the spirit of help and support for one another, both in terms of career and personal development, that is at the heart of the Simmons experience.

So whether you are seeking an internship or have already completed one, you can "Get PINned" today!

How the PIN Works

The PIN connects those students who are looking for an internship with those students (and some recent alums) who have already completed one or more internships. If you are looking for an internship and would like to contact other Simmons students who have previously done an internship at an organization or in a field of interest to you, now you can contact them through the PIN system to find out more. If you have completed one or more internships and would like to share your experience and be a contact for those seeking an internship, then you can load your profile as a "Peer Mentor" in the PIN system so students can contact you for information and contacts.

Finding Internships and Student Contacts

The Peer Internship Network is housed on CareerLink, the Simmons online database of job, internship, and other employment opportunities. If you have set up a student account and have a login to CareerLink you can access the PIN via the "Peer Internship Network" tab at the upper right of the screen. This will provide access to the PIN database for purposes of searching for previous internship sites and contacts.

To start searching for internship and Peer Mentor contacts, log in to CareerLink and click on the "Peer Internship Network" tab.

Registering as a Peer Mentor

If you have completed one or more internships and would like to be accessible to other students as an internship contact — aka, "Peer Mentor" -- in the system, then you will go to a separate login page to register and set up your profile. Once registered and approved, your profile will be live and you will be accessible for contact by other students via e-mail. Students can then reach out to you to learn more about your internship experience and any contacts you may have at the internship host. As a Peer Mentor, you have control over the maximum number of student contacts per month.

To set up your internship profile and register as a Peer Mentor in the PIN system, click here to go to the Peer Mentor login screen.

PIN Links

For Peer Internship Network Search - Log in to CareerLink and click on the "Peer Internship Network" tab

To Create Your Profile or Log in as a Peer Mentor - click on this link

PIN Student User Guide (PDF)

Questions about the PIN?

Contact the CEC at (617) 521-2488 or